Lutheran Pastor who allows photography?

Does anyone know of a lutheran pastor or officiant that will do a simple 15-20 minute wedding ceremony and allow photography during the service?

I got to a Lutheran church but unfortunately the pastor and I do not agree with the idea of the type of ceremony we want and she will not allow photography or video during the ceremony. It upsets me because I thought I would always be married by someone I knew but she is not budging.

Re: Lutheran Pastor who allows photography?

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    Rev. Jo-An Glass is part of the Unitarian-Universalist church. She will do any ceremony you'd like. You're in charge.

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    Hmm.. Maybe check with Jim Person who is a pastor at the luthern church in Harrisburg off of Union Deposit? 
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    Thanks. My pastor has contacted my father and told him that she would like another meeting with my FI and I to dicuss things to see if she can come to some sort of agreement with council to allow photos since its not in the church but outside. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will allow it!
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