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had my doctor's appointment!

To all my "nfp coaches" on here, i finally saw my doctor on Friday and had the NFP conversation.she was very receptive, helpful, told me what to expect as far as going off of the pill, although i strongly suspect she was only supportive given my age (32) and the fact that i'm now married.  i say this only becuase she made a few comments like "well, if you want them (meaning kids), now is the time to really start thinking about it" and "well, if you got pregnant, it really wouldnt be a problem because you want kids, eventually, right?".   this leads me to think that she's not a believer in nfp as an effective form of BC.anyway, so i talked to the hubby last night, and we decided to start this right away, rather than the end of the summer which i had originally anticipated.i'm so nervous!

Re: had my doctor's appointment!

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    jasmine - NFP = Natrual Family Planning, or birth control without the use of artificial devices (pills, iud, condom, etc.)
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