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yet another music question

Sorry, it looks like there are lots of these, but I'm curious. We are doing a ceremony, not a mass, and just have music (I think) at the beginning and the end. I've been looking at program templates, and it looks like people often have one or more songs, sometimes sung sometimes not, within the ceremony. So, I have two questions: 1. Are people going to think we are leaving something out if we don't have more music? (FI is Catholic, I'm not, and haven't been to many Catholic weddings). 2. What do you DO during the music? Stand there and smile at each other, or do the bride and groom and wedding party sit down? I think I would feel awkward just standing....Thanks!
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Re: yet another music question

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    1. If you're not having a mass, then the only other liturgy music you'd have is a sung psalm and perhaps a sung gospel acclamation. Both are optional, and in weddings it's very common to have the psalm read and the gospel acclamation just spoken.I don't know how it works where you live, but in my province, all wedding ceremonies include the couple and the witnesses signing the (civil) marriage documents. A piece of music is usually played during this part because otherwise, it's just dead time. If you don't have this where you live (i.e. if these documents are signed at beforehand or some other time) then just ignore what I said.2. Again, specifically for you guys, since you don't have a mass... if you decide to have a sung psalm, you'd do what everyone else is doing and remain seated during that. If you have a sung gospel acclamation, that's when you would stand along with everyone else. You would never sit while the other guests are standing.If you're having music during any signing ceremony as I described above, that's what you'll be doing during that part.Do you ever go to mass with your FI? If not, I'd highly suggest that you do, just to get a sense of what it's all about.
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    Thanks, that helps a lot! I do go to mass with him fairly often, and I know weddings basically follow the same format, but just felt like what I was seeing in others' programs didn't match up with what we have planned! I'm sure the wedding coordinator wouldn't let us omit something that is actually required, but also don't want a church full of people going, "why didn't they do such and such?" I've actually been IN a Catholic wedding, but I think I was too nervous/emotional to pay attention to details! I do know, though, that we never sat down at all (the wedding party), so I guess that's confusing me as well! Ok, maybe that'll be another post... Thanks again!
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