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I am a bit confused about choosing the Gospel Acclamation.  The church's music director gave us a list of music to choose from, and the archdiocese gave us a list of scriptures to choose from.  Do we choose one of each?  We're getting married during lent, so I know there are alternate lyrics for the song.  If we chose 1 John 4:8b, 11 as the scripture and Alleluia (Mass of Light) by Haas (with the Lenten lyrics), that works? Thanks!

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    Alleluia can't be sung during Lent.

    The Gospel acclamation is usually something like "Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ King of endless glory". And then there is a scripture verse sung, then the refrain again. You'll want to choose this with the music director. Many written gospel acclamations don't include every verse possible, because they all don't fit to the same meter of music.
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    This is true.  There is more variety when there is no music involved, but the Alleluia is not sung during lent.  The last 2 churches I have been a member at actually don't allow weddings during lent either.
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    I'm pretty sure she knows that the Alleluia can't be sung during Lent guys.  The lenten words for the Mass of Light Gospel Acclamation are "Glory to you, oh word of God, Lord Jesus Christ".  And yes, you just choose the readings you want.

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