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Cannon in D

Is Cannon in D allowed at a Catholic ceremony?  I want to walk down the aisle to it instead of the traditional wedding march but my FI says it may not be considered "cannonical."




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  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    I've seen Canon in D used in many Catholic ceremonies. But to be safe, just check with your priest as to what their rules for music might be, because it can vary between parishes. GL!
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    ditto PP.
    some more liberal parishes even allow the wedding march these days.  this is definteily a question for your priest.
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    Some churches require only Sacred Music, others are ok with inspirational.  Even if they say only Sacred Music is allowed, they may consider J.S. Bach's secular music to be so awesome that it's holy.  You can only know by asking.
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  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
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    MOst churches do allow that because it has no words and therefore can't be that offensive in terms of the liturgy.  But, I'd ask.  I'd say you'll probably be ok though. 
  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    Used The Wedding March, and several other secular pieces.  There were no restrictions.
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    Thanks.  I'll be speaking with the priest again within the next couple of weeks so I'll find out for sure.



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    depends on your church.  not allowed at several i know.
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    Its been the bridal song at almost every Catholic wedding I"ve been to.

    We used it for the BMs instead.
  • SuzyQq02SuzyQq02 member
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    Digging up an old post, but...

    A bit of boring Catholic liturgical music info for you. :-)

    Most churches are ok with 2 types of music in ceremonies: sacred music, meaning music that was written specifically for the church (which includes an awful lot of music from the Baroque period and earlier that today we just think of as "classical") OR "absolute music," music written for "music's sake." Meaning it has no dramatic connotations and no text. The reason that "Here Comes the Bride" (which is actually called the Bridal Chorus) is often not allowed is because it's from an opera, and the Wedding March (the common recessional) is from a ballet. 

    Canon in D falls into the "absolute music" category, so in MOST cases you should be ok... but check with your parish! It would definitely be more acceptable, across the board, than the "standard" Bridal Chorus.

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    I'll add that the Bridal Chorus is the music played in the opera when the two characters are getting ready to go to bed together, not to go down the aisle.  Also, the two aforementioned characters hardly have a successful marriage.

    I'd ask your church's musical director about the allowed songs.  Mine told me Canon in D was okay.
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    My wedding party processed in to Cannon in D for my Catholic wedding mass, so I am sure it will be fine.  What most Catholic churches do not allow is the "traditional" wedding march.
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