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Met with the Priest - yaay!

So, this morning we had our first meeting (as a couple) with our priest.  We did the whole "free to marry" checklist, and he also went over the various pre-cana requirements, as well as recommended specific dates for each step, which was really helpful.  This is the same priest who helped with my lack of form annulment, and I really feel comfortable with him.

The one thing that seemed a little surprising was when it came to the point of our sponsor/monitoring couple.  I guess normally at our parish either the Deacon or one of the established couples in the parish helps to make sure we get all of our check marks done in time, etc, and he thought we had a specific couple already assigned to us.  He went to check, and came back and told us he'd be handling it himself.

Did anyone else not have a sponsor couple?
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One thing to remember: The wedding is just one day. The marriage is all the rest of them.

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Re: Met with the Priest - yaay!

  • We didn't have a sponsor couple, just met several times with our priest who would be performing the wedding - in addition to completing a marriage prep weekend seminar, NFP classes, and the FOCCUS.
  • I guess we had one, but we really only met with them to go over our FOCCUS test, and then they had us out to dinner one night after our wedding with two other couples with whom they were working.  We see them at mass whenever we go back to Dallas, but that's about it.



  • Our parish doesn't assign a sponsor couple, we only met with one of the priests.

    But we have a sponsor couple in the Filipino tradition which is kind of similar in concept. My FMIL explained it as your principal sponsors are to your marriage what your godparents are to your baptism. So we asked his godfather and his wife. We had a great conversation with them that was much more enligthening to us than what we went over with the priest. I think for us, it bridged the gap between our FOCCUS - which left us with nothing to discuss, and pre-canna which was with a group.
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  • We did not have a sponsor couple. During our engagement, our parish was transition between pastors, and ended up short on sponsors. Since we didn't have a lot to discuss from FOCCUS, we just met with the sacramental prep coordinator, in addition to all of our classes.
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  • my church doesnt do sponsor couples either.  all our pre-cana was with the priest, and it was very sacrament/religion focused.  we didnt have to go to any classes and there was no FOCCUS.
  • I wish we didn't have a sponsor couple. It can be a positive or negative experience from what I've heard.

    DH & I found our sponsor couple to be intrusive into our personal lives and slightly condescending. We would've much preferred a sacrament based approach for all of our pre-cana!
  • Thanks, everyone, for the feedback.  I'm definitely excited that Father is handling our marriage prep himself, but at the same time, it was a little bit of a surprise, as for half the meeting he kept referring to our sponsor couple, went to verify who it was, then came back and said he'd do it.  It's a fairly good-sized parish, and he's the pastor, with a deacon who has a full-time job and a Sunday celebrant who flies in from the east coast every week.  So, pretty much, he's running the show.

    Given everything that is on his plate, I am surprised that he's taking our prep on himself, but at the same time, I'm also extra grateful that we'll have that extra connection with him by the time we get to the sacrament itself, as he'll be performing the ceremony and saying the mass.

    Somehow, having had that meeting, and having sent in our application for the diocisan pre-cana workshop makes this even more real than even picking up my dress last weekend did.
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    One thing to remember: The wedding is just one day. The marriage is all the rest of them.

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