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Friday Thread

Good morning ladies!

Anyone have any special plans for the weekend?

It's the first day in a LONG time that it's actually been pretty cool in the morning, so I'm taking advantage of it and getting some watering done.  Then I'm off to buy some stuff for my classroom and hopefully find a new desk.



Re: Friday Thread

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    My mom is flying in from Texas this evening and we go for my first dress fitting tomorrow.  I'm crazy nervous/anxious/excited.  Also, trying to get all the parents to approve the invitation proofs so we can finally get them printed.  Everything seems to have speed up since the 100 day mark!
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    We should be getting our invite proof today!  For me, having the invitation finalized has been the step in the wedding-planning process that has made it all feel "real."

    Some friends want to go out Saturday night, but I think we'll have to pass.  We're doing our engagement pics on Sunday, and I don't want to have puffy/red hangover eyes :P
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    dress fittings, engagement pics - I kinda miss all that fun stuff! My little sister is getting married next year and I can't wait to start dress shopping!

    We're going to see our friends' show tomorrow night in NYC. The rest of the weekend will be spent tending to my father/mother/grandfather at my parents' house or the "infirmary" as I like to call it!
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    I remember that mailing invitations was what really made things feel real. I still love my invitations. They were probably my favorite non-mass part of the wedding. Yes, I have a paper addiction.

    My H is getting the weekend off after working 12 in a row, and we have no plans/obligations, so we're excited for some family time. He's excited to actually get some rest.
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    I finally ordered my invitations on Thursday! I went back and forth on a design for months. I'm a graphic designer, so I felt like it would be wrong to order someone else's design. I had to do it on a budget, or I would have gone crazy with pocket folds and fancy papers. ah well. My Fiance really loves the invite, and that makes me happy. :)

    I'm going to Boston for a few days starting tonight, with a group of Young adult Catholics that I belong too. It's just a trip for fun. I've never been to Boston, so I'm looking forward to it. Plus I get 2 days away from work, which I really need right now!

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    Ooh, the Boston trip sounds fun!  I've always wanted to go there!  My cousin and her husband used to live there, I wish I would've been able to afford the plane ticket to Boston then!  It would've been fun to tour the city with residents who know the cool/hidden spots :)
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    My niece is staying with us for the weekend. She is 16 and didn't want to go upstate for the weekend with her parents. I love that she loves to hang with us. We are getting a new fence today, but since the sky has decided to dump the last month's worth of rain all at once, they currently have the old fence down and no new fence up. My dog does not like to be walked so if they don't get it done, it's going to be an unhappy weekend for Cinnamon and mommy. Plus I have a bridal shower 2 hours away on Sunday. It is going to be an exhausting weekend.

    How is everyone else?
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    I get to work this weekend... yipee!!  At least it's only on Saturday... I hate being salaried, sometimes...  Then more enjoyable things like a college graduation party for my youngest sister, another friend's b-day party, church and then doing absolutely nothing (hopefully) on Sunday!  It's finally not a humid sauna around here, so hopefully some of the activities will involve being outside :)  It's mid seventies and GORGEOUS!!
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    Ladies discussing invitations: I'd love to see your designs, especially the one you created yourself, christinamarie!  (If you post photos, be sure to black out private information like your last names.)  I spent SO many hours looking at literally thousands of designs before finding ours--I, too, must have a paper addiction.

    I have a dear friend's bridal shower tomorrow evening.  I can't make her OOT wedding and she only has one BM, so I offered to help host her shower...and six of us total had the same idea--way too many cooks in the kitchen.  Speaking of invitations, hers were lovely with a sketching of the Holy Family designed by another friend of ours.  What a neat (very Catholic) way to set the tone for their wedding and marriage!

    Other weekend goals include washing my car, which I always find disproportionally exciting, and household chores including finishing pretty labels for some baskets I just bought for the linen and laundry room closets.  I had a pretty intense health scare earlier in the week, so being able to be looking forward to the mundane feels like a huge blessing.
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    Our best man is getting married two weeks after us so I am heading to his FI's bridal shower in a few.  Tomorrow Church and dinner with the FIL's.
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    Nickie - here are mine (I'm obsessed with stationery/fonts/crafting, etc) [click]
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    Riss - those invitations are AWESOME!  I especially like how you addressed the envelopes, I haven't seen that before.

    We should be getting our second proof today, so I'll try and post some pictures soon.
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    Thanks! My favorite part is that since I DIYed them, they cost less than $5 each for verything including postage. They would have cost $12 each without postage if I purchased them.
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