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    haha love the picture!

    WR: Tomorrow is my second fitting! I'm so excited to see how the changes came out. Tomorrow my mom and I are also looking at more mother of the bride dresses. She had bought and ordered one back in December and it arrived in the wrong color and the wrong size. Frankly, she is pissed. She paid a ridiculous amount of money for the dress too. So I'm hoping we can find something on such short notice.

    NWR: Finish up some homework and hopefully relax by the pool on Sunday and work on my tan (:
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    WR: I have to pick up a couple items from Michael's for my programs. I am also sending rehearsal dinner invitations on behalf of my FMIL. And I keep stalking my mailbox for RSVPs. They are starting to come in slower than I expected and I still need 32 back.

    NWR: I'm having quality time with my sister tomorrow (manis and shopping), and am going to a friend's bridal shower Sunday. FI and I just ordered the latest season of True Blood so we'll probably watch it all this weekend.
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    For the love of god, I am so happy it's Friday!!!!!

    I have my makeup trial this Sunday and I am so flipping excited for it! I dunno what else is on the agenda that's WR. Oh! Yes I do, FI and I are going to the local liquor store to pick out the wine for our wine box ceremony.

    NWR: FI's coworkers are having an end of the year party today (they're all teachers... those bastards!), so we're going to that. It's freezing cold here and rainy, and is supposed to be that way through tomorrow, so who knows what else we'll do this weekend.
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    So glad it's Friday!!

    WR:  Wedding Shower in my hometown!!!  And write some Thank-you's from the couple's shower we had two weeks ago.

    NWR:  Get my house back in order.  FI and I were repairing some things on Memorial Day, and my dryer is still in the middle of my kitchen!
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    WR: I am going to work on the centerpieces with my mom as well as our ceremony programs.  Also I am trying to work out with FSMIL our rehearsal guest list and get that all together. Sunday we are having engagement pictures taken.

    NWR: Tomorrow FI and I have a wedding to go to- number 5 of this year! hahah But I am really excited it is one of my oldest friends getting married so it should be awesome :)
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    I'm so glad its Friday!!!! I wish I had a 3 day weekend again but oh well. WR we need to work on escort card holders this weekend and other DIY projects. Also we need to figure out readings before our meeting next week with the priest. We are meeting with the organist and soloist after Mass on Sunday to figure out music. Maybe I'll get my programs typed up or at least started. NWR It's supposed to be crappy out so probably not much besides a movie tonight. It's my dad's birthday Sunday so we are going out with my parents for a meal sometime Sunday for his birthday.

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    Love the pic!!!

    Tonight kickboxing tomorrow is my bach party so I am doing kickboxing again in the morning and I am also getting my nails done.

    Sunday= hungover on the couch :)
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    hope everyone has a great weekend! NWR: today is one of my BMs weddings! FI and I are currently on our way upstate : I will definitely be taking mental notes on the timeline of the day, how long it takes us to get ready, timing of pics, etc. WR: not too much really... I was supposed to get our transportation contract emailed to me but I haven't received anything yet so I may have to contact her. I also need to pick up two BM dresses tomorrow, but that's all I can think of!
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    TGIF!! Love the picture K888.

    WR: Bug FI about tux fitting, figure out music, finalize menus (wedding and RD), stalk mailbox for RSVP's. Decide which shoes I'm wearing for RD and begin making matching ribbon belt.

    NWR: Possible date night with FI (he owes me!), figuring out if I can defer my student loans for another year, writing cover letters and applying for jobs (if there are any).

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    FI and I are going out to our favorite BBQ place tonight after the venue meeting. I am sooooo looking forward to some smoked brisket.

    Sunday is our shower.  I am a little nervous because I gave my mom a list of 15 people and she somehow ended up inviting 35 who will all be attending.  Even people that I didn't invite to the wedding!!! I asked her why she did this and she didn't think it was a big deal so I have no idea what to expect but it will be lots of family that I haven't seen in a while so I am looking forward to that part.
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    LADY, enjoy your Bach party!

    WR: Start working on seating arrangements for the reception. Send DJ list of special song requests. Work on some DIY projects.

    NWR: Help FI study for his finals (he likes when I quiz him). Probably go to some of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee festivities. We have a four day weekend in honor of her - yay!!
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    LADY have a blast at your Bach party!!!!!!!

    WR: Nada.

    NWR: I have birthday parties all weekend long and bootcamp tonight. I am looking forward to next week when I have nothing to do.

    I feel like I should be doing something for the wedding, but I am not sure what.....
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    thanks bmore and bells :)  I will post some pics on monday :)
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    Lady - Have SOOO much fun at your Bach party!!! Get craaaazzzyyyy! :-)

    WR - LOTS! Today we have an appt. to get our marriage license, tomorrow I have my hair and make-up trials and then driving up to LA afterwards and staying at my parent's house for my shower in LA on Sunday! So excited to see my MOH who is traveling in town for it and a lot of friends I don't get to see often! pretty much my whole weekend is wedding stuff :-)

    NWR - Date night tonight with FI for sushi & saki to celebrate getting our marriage license.
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    Yay!! Today is the last day of work, we have no students and it's staff clerical day. I'm sitting here bored. I've finished everything. I might as well start putting up some posters for next year.

    Tomorrow my mom is coming over (AGAIN! 3rd weekend in a row) for the last shower on Sunday around here. Excited to see her.
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    Lady - have SO MUCH FUN!!! can't wait to see pics!!!

    NWR: this afternoon is the inspection at our new house. Nervous!!!!! it's a new home (custom built 6 years ago) but you never know what might go wrong....

    Tomorrow is one of my BFF"s weddings! she is SO much fun, and all of her friends are fun, so i am pretty sure it is going to be one of the best weddings ever. I also bought a new BCBG dress to wear at it, so I am pretty excited about that :)

    Sunday my cousin (who is one of our ushers) is graduating from high school. We are having a big family brunch at a fancy farm-to-fork restaurant and then going to his graduation. It should be fun!!

    Probably not doing anything WR this weekend, but fiance and I were productive last night!! we started our meal choice database (tandoori salmon is winning so far!), ordered lots of REALLY cute custom-painted wood signs for wedding day (Thank You signs, mr and mrs signs for our table, a "And They Lived Happily Ever After sign to hang at the reception, signs for our guest book table, card box, and gift table...a few other things...), but they should be really beautiful! and we FINALLY booked our day-of transportation. 
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    WR: Assembling favors all weekend. My cousin and aunt are coming down for her dress fitting tomorrow!

    NWR: Cleaning, packing, drinking, hanging out with FI.  Game of Thrones season finale on Sunday! 

    Check out my cute little strawberries from my plant!  I should have been a farmer.

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    Kate, those strawberries look so good!

    Probably just picking out our vows and readings this weekend from what our officiant sent us. 

    Other than that, working out (I totally slacked off while I was gone last weekend and with my f-ing period cramps).  Probably a little Sunday funday by the pool, and hopefully some VKN action tonight or tomorrow!
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    Drooling over those strawberries!

    This weekend - working on ceremony programs. Hanging out at the gym. Not that much planned, despite the fact that I have a billion things to do.

    Yay for bach parties, LADY! Have fun!
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    yummy strawberries!!!!

    NWR: work tonight then the weeked off! FINALLY!!!!  DVKN!!

    WR: nothing! I hope we get more RSVP's tomorrow!!  maybe I'll start figuring out Adobe Illustrator so I can start printing escort cards for the RSVP's that we do have!
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_july-2012-weddings_happy-friday-9?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:066005ef-215f-48b1-8655-328b41e07c52Discussion:98594ca1-2513-4a33-96ef-97e91adb7804Post:fd377128-b5df-46e4-9100-6740a5904409">Re: HAPPY FRIDAY!</a>:
    [QUOTE]For the love of god, I am so happy it's Friday!!!!! I have my makeup trial this Sunday and I am so flipping excited for it! I dunno what else is on the agenda that's WR. Oh! Yes I do,<strong> FI and I are going to the local liquor store to pick out the wine for our wine box ceremony.</strong> NWR: FI's coworkers are having an end of the year party today (they're all teachers... those bastards!), so we're going to that. It's freezing cold here and rainy, and is supposed to be that way through tomorrow, so who knows what else we'll do this weekend.
    Posted by ceglare4[/QUOTE]

    Have you ever seen this done? I wanted to do it but my friend said it sounded a little weird and my fiance didn't seem to keen on it. Although the one I found had a whole part about if you ever think about getting divorced then you read the letters and drink the wine. But later I found versions where you just save it for a certain anniversary. How are you doing it?
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    WR: this weekend, Im ordering escort cards. right now actually. and i dont think anything else is on the list. unless we go get the golf balls for GM gifts. and usher ties. 

    NWR: I had 2 cousins graduate high school yesterday, and their open houses are sunday. Yay cake. I have to get more organized though- with moving, the wedding, and the fact that I hate cleaning, our stuff is a mess. 
    Saturday- i cant think of much, unless we go to festival of the arts; but its cold and rainy and i dont really want to. 

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    WR: Shower on Sunday! So much stuff has been purchased from the registries now, I'm amazed by people's generosity! I was freaking out before my first shower- a smaller one at my Aunt's house, but now that I already experienced the the attention, and have realized I can deal, I'm pumped to have lunch with my friends and FI's family.  I get to see some friends I haven't seen in a couple months and see work people outside of work, so it should be good!

    NWR: Science club again tonight till 8:30. Cannot get motivated for this- it's the 3rd in 4 weeks I think, and with mother's day/showers/graduations it's too busy, blah.  Can't wait till I get to go home!
    Running a 10K before my shower on Sunday with FI, my Mom and FMIL. Stressing about how fast I'll go, and because it means I can't exercise today or tomorrow, that always makes me feel a little crazed.
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    FI is out of town for work until Monday - I'm wicked bummed.

    I wouldn't mind so much if I had the house to myself and the cat - but I'm stuck caring for Abuela...which wouldn't be so bad if she spoke English!

    Other than that - Bridal shower on Sunday and I have a huge exam Monday - so lots of working and studying.
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