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Re: The Bible goes Hollywood...

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    Oh, Lord....



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    wow.  Because what has worked for thousands of years suddenly isn't good enough anymore...

    I was even more disturbed by the link that was included in the article about "similar stories" about a hotel that replaced the Bibles in their rooms with copies of Shades of Grey.
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    I find this scary.
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    eh... I don't know. I think there are worse things. At least this makes it pretty clear it ISN'T the bible. I think it might be a good "jumping off point" for some people - maybe for teens. It might be a great way to get some knowledge out there to those that might be too intimidated by the bible.

    When you think about it - stained glass windows were created to help teach the stories of the bible to those that were illiterate (which was a majority of the population back in the day). Obviously they aren't going to be a perfect tool - but they were helpful in their own way. I see this as something similar. 
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    I was afraid to open this post because an old boyfriend of mine is now producing biblical movies in Toronto.Or so I was told a couple of years ago.

    He was an investment banker when I dated him and I find this change somewhat unusual, if it's true.
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