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Christian Poem from me To Mother of Groom

I'm looking for a poem to put on a hankie for FI Mom. I've found a few but I'm looking for one that mentions God or something that is Christian related. If anyone knows of one I would greatly appreciate it!
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Re: Christian Poem from me To Mother of Groom

  • Why not put a prayer? Or a passage from Scripture?
  • That's a very good suggestion. I was looking for something similar to this:

    You are the mother I received 
    The day I wed your son. 
    And I just want to thank you, Mom 
    For all the things you've done.

    You've given me a gracious man 
    With whom I share my life. 
    You are his loving mother and 
    I his lucky wife.

    You used to pat his little head, 
    And now I hold his hand. 
    You raised in love a little boy 
    And gave to me a man.

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