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Catholic Weddings

Must Ask Questions?

Hi All,
I'm just about finished the RCIA process (I'm becoming a Catholic in April) and my FI and I are going to be having a Catholic wedding.
We are meeting with the Priest for the first time next friday regarding the wedding preparations and what we have to do in order to be married in the church we attend.
Do you have any questions that are 'must asks'? From a previous topic, I've realized asking about alter flowers is something to consider, but what else?


Re: Must Ask Questions?

  • ring_popring_pop member
    edited December 2011
    A lot of specific policies differ by parish so it would be good to ask your priest to clarify what his preferences are. For example:

    • Do any members of your BP have to be Catholic?
    • Music - what's allowed, what isn't? (Sacred? Secular? Secular but instrumental?) Who are the musicians, and can you hire your own?
    • Are you allowed to choose any readings you want or is there a specified list?
    • Any dress code for you or your guests?
    • Can you personalize your vows or are there specific ones you must choose from?
    • Rules about photographers and videographers
    • How does pre-Cana work at that church?
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  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
    edited December 2011
    Biggest ones: donation requirements, parishioner requirements (how long do you need to donate for to have a wedding date) rules about decorations, attire, when masses are allowed, how long you have after the mass in the church, music rules, pre-cana dates and requirements. 
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    my priest gave us a 6 page thing of cant have.

    no aise runner, no petals for flower girl to throw, no bird seed or rice, bubbled... nothing!

    I made sure to ask about my dress. If It could be strapless. He said yes. then he began to tell me about a bride with a heart shaped neck with cleavage...and the communion bread fell down her gown (in a different parish).

    good luck.

    None of this mattered. I just wanted to marry my fiance in the church I was raised in..and where my parents married.


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    Thank you for the advice ladies. That helps a lot. It's so strange doing the church part not being a Catholic yet. Certainly makes me want it more and more though. Getting so close to finishing the RCIA.
    I will be sure to add all those things to my list.
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