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Presentation of Bouquet to Our Lady

Hey Catholic Knotties-- I am curious as to whether or not anyone is doing a presentation of flowers to the Blessed Virgin as part of their ceremony? I know it is not a universal practice or part of the liturgy, but I think it is a beautiful custom. I plan to offer my bouquet to Our Lady, to ask for her blessing and for her to pray for our marriage. Is anyone else offering flowers?
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Re: Presentation of Bouquet to Our Lady

  • Yep! We are using a single red rose. We are playing Ave Maria during the presentation. I will kneel, and my FI will stand behind me.
  • We did not, but I heard of a beautiful instance where the groom escorted the bride to the statue of Mary, then he continued to the statue of Joseph, and the two of them knelt together to pray.  Beautiful!



  • We didn't actually present flowers, but after we received communion, we went and knelt in front of Mary for the rest of communion.
  • We presented a small bouquet and prayed together. We used the Danielle Rose arrangement of "Hail Holy Queen" played during that time, and it was one of my favorite parts of our wedding.

    Then again, I don't know if I had any least favorite parts of our wedding. Laughing
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  • I had seen this done a couple times and thought it was lovely. I brought it up to the music/liturgical director when we met with her, and she kinda shrugged it off :(. In the end I decided not to do it anyways since we're already doing a full mass with a large amount of non-catholics attending. 
  • I really want to do this! I have to talk to our preist first, but I plan on doing this! :o)
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  • We are including this in our ceremony also. My question is - when putting this in our program, do we just write presentation of flowers to Mary?
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