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sponsor & question

Hey ladies! just a quick question, I definately plan on getting my sponsor a thank you card ( my RCIA sponsor) but should I get a little gift for her also? Did you?

also, we haven't really done over what will actually take place when we enter the Church, does anyone know what I should expect to do? I am just wondering, they are meeting with us before service to explain :)Thankyou!
xoxo, Jennifer

Re: sponsor & question

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    I don't know the details about the ceremony for entering the church.  My mom did RCIA when I was young; I do remember her getting her sponsor a small gift in addition to a card.  I think its nice to acknowledge their time and importance in your life.  Something small and heartfelt is fine.
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    Do you know what's in their house or what they like? If you do you can tailor a gift around that. Otherwise go to a Christian store like Mardel's and look around for something appropriate. We did this for our sponsor couple everytime we met them we would try to bring something.

    I don't know what happens with RCIA either, but if they are going to go over it with you before you should be fine. Just listen to what they say and follow their lead.
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    they should walk you thru everything.

    if i remember correctly, you go up and kneel down at the appropriate time and i believe your sponsor places their hand on your shoulder and tehn they go through the confirmation steps.
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    Ditto others that a small, heartfelt gift would be nice, if you find something appropriate.

    At my parish, they only walk the sponsors through, so that the confirmandi can just experience the mass without worrying about where they are supposed to stand when and things like that. It will be fine.

    As Calypso said, it will probably be standing in a certain spot and kneeling in a certain spot. Focus this week on prayer, drawing closer to God and really taking in the sacrament. The where to stand stuff will come together this weekend.

    Many blessings to you.
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    They will walk you through everything, don't worry.

    I splurged and got my sponsor a $100 gift card to a very nice restaurant, and a pair of movie tickets. I also gave her a handwritten note on my stationary, thanking her for everything and telling her to have a wonderful time on a date with her husband, in return for all the time she gave to me. She was very happy.
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