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Hi ladies,

Has anyone worked with Wildflowers by Design?  I took a look at the portfolio and I really liked her work. 

Also, we're working in a tight budget.  Are their prices competetive?


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    I had a meeting with her, but she cancelled.  I really like her work though, but my other florist I was interested in met with me and I liked her just as much, so I booked her.  Wildflowers has some GREAT pictures, and I've been to a wedding that used her and the flowers were gorgeous.  I am not sure about her prices though.  The woman's name is Lori though if you'd like to contact her.
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     We were overcharged and disappointed by the services we received from Wildflowers by design.  Other than the initial meeting there was very little communication from her afterwards including after the ceremony when we still have not heard back from her after voicing our concerns.  I would strongly recommend shopping around before deciding on her unless she is much cheaper than other quotes that you receive because if your experience is like mine you are better off paying a little more and getting better service with another designer. 
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