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I just ran across THIS article and it got me thinking.  Do any of you veil at mass?  Have you ever thought about it?  How do you feel about it?
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Re: Veiling

  • I do. I started when I began going to TLM because everyone else did, but for a long time I did not at Novus Ordo. Beginning last year I started to feel a nagging about it and the more I learned about why it was done, the more I felt it was silly & inconsistent of me to cover when everyone else did and not when I'd be in the minority.

    What convicted me was the whole "veiling of the sacred" idea--that as women our bodies are the place where God intervenes to create a new soul is so profound and amazing that we are sacred should be veiled like the tabernacle, like Mary was the Tabernacle for Jesus. The horrible grammar of that sentence may serve to reveal my enthusiasm, lol, and I think the point comes across. Between that and the image of women representing the Church, the Bride of Christ, I was feeling like I should *really* do it but still hesistating out of fear of looking weird, etc. Finally one day I felt like Christ asked me from the tabernacle--"If you would be my bride, where is your veil?" That was in October last year & I have covered at all times in a church since then.

    Another question that I feel is pertinent is that our instinct is to ask "Why should we veil?" But as Catholics when we look to tradition, and see that all Christian women did for the vast majority of our history, and look at the reasons why the practice stopped--I think a much better question is "Why NOT veil?" And I have yet to encounter great reasons for not veiling in comparison to the tradition behind veiling.
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  • For a couple years now I've been wearing a wide cloth headband that covers a lot of my head.  When I began, I was at a parish in which I NEVER saw women veiling, and I didn't want to bring attention to myself.  That was my form of veiling.

    I've recently started going to a very traditional church in which many women veil, but I just haven't gotten around to buying a different headcovering.  I'd like to buy either a mantilla or more of a headscarf thing.  They have a lot of pretty ones on etsy, I just haven't bought anything yet.

    I actually felt like veiling (or my version of it) helped me focus a little bit more on the mass.  It gets me in a more reverent spirit.  I certainly don't think any less of women that don't veil though.  It's obviously a personal decision.

  • I don't veil, and I've actually always found it distracting when others veil.  Just like I'd find it very distracting for someone to wear a tuxedo to Mass...it's just out of place.  That being said, perhaps it shouldn't be out of place? 

    My question is this: if we truly believe in veiling the sacred, etc, then why only veil in Mass?  Why not everywhere?  Are we only sacred in Mass?  I'm truly curious


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    In Response to Re: Veiling:
    [QUOTE]I don't veil, and I've actually always found it distracting when others veil.  Just like I'd find it very distracting for someone to wear a tuxedo to Mass...it's just out of place.  That being said, perhaps it shouldn't be out of place?  My question is this: if we truly believe in veiling the sacred, etc, then why only veil in Mass?  Why not everywhere?  Are we only sacred in Mass?  I'm truly curious
    Posted by Resa77[/QUOTE]

    I've never even seen a woman, other than a bride, wear a veil in church.  Even the nuns skip the veils now
  • caitriona-  I ran across the article and when I first read the verses they came from I was automatically like well that's really sexist, and I've actually had problems with that verse from the bible before.  But after reading it, and especially after what you said it makes way more sense now, and I see that it isn't sexist.  I think I am going to pray about it and I might start doing it, it seems like a great/holy thing.  Thanks for your input, it's so nice to hear that there are women who do this, and why they do! :o)
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  • It's more common at Tradtional Latin Masses. At ours, many women use a mantilla, a head scarf (like this) or a cute hat, but not all. We do attend latin masses at other locations where all the females wear head coverings.

    I like hats/headscarves so I will wear them on occasion. I always cover my head when going to one of the Church's where all the women do.
  • I see it all over, randomly about. I've thought about it, but as a music director, I don't want to draw more attention... because at my parish I think I only see 1 or 2 here or there. 

  • we always veiled at the TLM growing up.  i never veil at NO, and its hit or miss for me now at TLM, although the majority do veil at those masses.
  • I don't I hadn't really given it much thought before I read the article you linked. I have seen some women with their heads covered in mass at the one church we used to attend. They had a special multicultural mass with music in Spanish, French, and English, all led by a Polish Franciscan priest. It is an awesome church community and everyone is so joyful there. But anyway, I guess I assumed (possibly incorrectly) that it was more of a cultural thing for those women who did cover their heads. But I don't really find it distracting. Now we usually go to the student center on campus (where I'm a graduate student). Not much veil wearing going on there.
  • lalaith50lalaith50 member
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    I used to, occasionally, but then I lost my mantilla. boo. :-(
    Some of the reasons that I don't is that it can distract those around me. And in the past, when I have veiled, I know that has made some people put me in a "box" of being a traditionalist. Then, there was a time period at a church I was at (where they were some VERY judgemental traditionalists, and they would go as far as to give some of the women a hard time for not veiling!) I deliberately didn't veil there because I thought it was so ridiculous that they would judge women for that, and I haven't really veiled since. I guess I haven't really considered it recently, since for me I think that my reasons would still be too much based on the opinions of others- either good or bad- as I'm super-aware of how many people view a woman who veils. I would like to, but I just don't have an actual veil (and it would actually take, gasp, effort ! to get one,) and I haven't really been convicted of it's necessity for me personally.
  • Jasmine&RajahJasmine&Rajah member
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    What a great article!  Thanks for posting it!

    I've veiled for about four years now.  I can't imagine NOT covering my head at Mass at this point - I'd feel so "bare!"  After I embraced the tradition, there was really no going back for me.   And DH always points out, to anyone who asks, that he supports me and is appreciative of my wearing it.

    I'm surprised to read the concern about others being distracted by the veil.  If it's something you feel drawn to do, and your heart is set on honoring Christ with it, then you should do it.  You and the Lord know that you're not thinking, "I'm holier than everyone!" so don't worry.   :-) 

    PS: At this season in my life, I wear a veil that ties under my hair - so although it is lace, it looks more like a scarf once it's on.  I prefer the straight mantilla but my son liked to yank that one . . . so for the time being, I had to go with something else that worked for us.
  • Oh, I don't know. The church I attend is very casual. Not much of an answer but you have made me think!
  • It's great to hear everyones opinions, and what they do! I just posted it, because I had never thought of it and didn't really know why they did it and I figured that I couldn't be the only one who didn't know :o)
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  • I don't and hadn't really ever given it much thought. I would say both the church I grew up in and the one I attend now are pretty "casual". Lots of people in casual clothes i.e jeans, and some even in workout clothes. Now I don't go that far, but I'm not super dressed up either. That being said, I think the only women I ever see there that do veil are more elderly women and I thought it was a cultural/age thing as well.
  • I actually really like the look of a scarf a lot more, and I think if I were to start wearing one again, I would go more for that. A few times when I tried to wear a veil regularly, I forgot my "mantilla," but it was winter time and I happened to have a regular, light scarf, and I just wore that around my head (think: babushka,) and I REALLY liked how that made me feel. It was almost like... I felt invisible. Which, isn't that exactly what you want during Mass? I think that wearing a lacy mantilla can draw more attention to yourself than you want, b/c then everyone knows exactly what you're doing, but if someone sees you wearing a scarf, they'll just think you're chilly and won't think much of it.

    I can't seem to get a picture to post, but here's what I mean:

    I also really liked when I was wearing that scarf, that it kind of covered my eyes and acted like blinders on a horse, and helped me to focus a little more, and not be so distracted by people around me.
  • lala - I agree with you re:focusing more, being invisible. It's also likely that this is closer to what women wore back in the day, as I would assume lace was more luxurious and inaccessible to the average woman.

    Here are some scarf pics:

    Can't tell if this would be considered a mantilla or not!

  • I brought some headscarfs to wear while I was in Dubai (although it's not required there), but I have never veiled in church... save for a few REALLY cold days when I wrapped myself up more for comfort than anything else.



  • love those, Riss! especially the first one! - that's exactly what I'm imagining! It certainly doesn't draw attention, is very modest, and is even stylish and not "old lady-ish."
  • In Japan, all the Catholic ladies wore little lace head covers to Mass.  I wore a white scarf then and for awhile back in the US, but dropped it because I felt pretentious.

    This post made me curious about the actual teachings, so:
  • newlyseliskinewlyseliski member
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    I don't.  At most of the churches in the 'burbs around where I live... it's overkill to even dress up for Mass, so I at least make a point of avoiding any casual clothing when I attend amidst the jeans and (now that it's warm) short shorts.  I probably wouldn't unless I felt prompted to in prayer... I could definitely see them as being beneficial to allowing for more focus during Mass if I could ever get past wearing one in the first place :-).  It probably wouldn't happen unless I attended a more traditional parish where veiling is fairly common!  I think it can a good thing, as long as it doesn't manifest itself in a prideful or holier-than-thou attitude towards others... which you ladies are nothing near :-)
  • Riss, those are great! I think I would draw too much attention to myself if I wore lace, I think a thick headband or one of those scarves would be a great way to start!
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