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My Organist Abandoned me!!

My organist just backed out on me this morning, so I'm scrambling for a replacement. He just didn't feel comfortable playing my music selections, since it's been too long since he's done a wedding (he is a family friend who is extremely close and does church music, but in a different capacity than organist now). So I'm trying to get the church organist, but not sure if she can do it on short notice.

PS, after about a month of hectic preparations and travel, I am back in the US permanently. Yay!

Re: My Organist Abandoned me!!

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    I hate you, TK... I just typed out an awesome response and you ate it... grrr...

    Anyhow, BT...
    So sorry this happened to you! Thankfully he was able to admit now that he couldnt play for it instead of you having crappy music! :-)
    Even if your church's organist can't play for it himself, he should at least be able to recommend other organists in the area and give you their contact info. If, for some reason he can't or won't, then come back here and I've got lots of other suggestions for what to do that I won't bother explaining now. (other churches, the diocesan music office, etc.)
    Just don't worry! It will be fine! :-)
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    I'm so sorry! That is so lame. If he didn't think he could do it, he shoulda told you that weeks ago.

    I'd definitely check with your organist, but contact your church office too. They might have some ideas of who you can contact.
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    Also check with other local churches.  I was informed that our organist will be on a fundraising tour the weekend of our wedding, so they arranged for the organist from another church to cover.
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    Thanks guys. It sounds like the church's regular organist will be available, so I can relax a little (I guess she's not doing the wedding there in the morning before ours). She's also way cheaper than I was expecting, so that's nice. :) And my cantor is all lined up, and I love her voice so that's going to be really good.

    Chelsea, I think he was trying to get himself so that he felt like he could do it, and finally decided that he really couldn't. We also think he tried to tell my mom a couple of weeks ago, but he didn't come out and say "I can't do it," so she didn't interpret it as him not being willing to do it, just as him being a little nervous. :::Sigh::: moral of the story, be forthright and honest when trying to communicate with people.
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