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Meeting with the Priest

Does anyone know what types of questions you get asked at your first meeting? My FI and I are being married by my uncle/godfather. I guess I'm nervous about what kindof questions he will ask. Also, is he allowed to tell other family member about our anwsers? Thanks :)

Re: Meeting with the Priest

  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    what you discuss with the priest SHOULD remain confidential.

    we filled otu paperwork, he asked us to verify that the infomation on our baptismal records was correct (tehy had been sent over prior) and then he met with each of us individually to ensure we were entering hte marriage of our own free will.  he asked who our witnesses would be, whether they were catholic, and we then talked pre-cana schedule (all done with our priest) and set our date.
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    Pretty much what Calypso said.

    The first meeting is just the basics, getting everything ready to go to marry you and your FI. Make sure you have all of your baptismal certificates. We also had to fill our a pre-marriage inventory that was something our priest required. Then we also had to fill out a questionaire about who your parents were, religion, etcs.

    And yes, everything you say to a priest is supossed to remain confidential, we learned that in RCIA. Good luck and congrats!

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