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NFP Temp Question

I started reading TCYF and know that I should take my resting temperature having been asleep for at least 3 hours undisturbed. I typically wake up at 7:17am, but get up earlier on Sundays for 7:30 mass, so usually around 6:40. Also, certain times of the month, I can't make it through the night or early morning without having to go to the bathroom.

Would if be okay if I set my alarm for 5:00am to take my temp, and then fall back to sleep? Would this be accurate?

As an experiment this morning, knowing I'd be starting my charting at the beginning of my period, I had my thermometer on my nightstand. I wound up waking around 5:00am to use the bathroom and decided to take my temp. It was 97.1F. I then fell back to sleep until 7:17 when my alarm rang. I took my temp again and it was 97.7...obviously a significant jump (I think)

Any suggestions on the best time to take my temp? I also know I'll be waking up earlier when I get Married in November, as I will have to drive a further distance to work....So picking a time much earlier than I'd start my day seems to make sense?

I appreciate your thoughts! I'm a little overwhelmed, but Im sure I'll figure this out.

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Re: NFP Temp Question

  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    Each month, I pick a different "temp time" based on what mine and my husband's schedules will be that month.

    I would take your temp when you wake up for the bathroom. You can go back to sleep afterwards, that won't impact anything. As long as you take your temp within 30 min, you are fine. So - go with the earlier time.

    I've noticed that I can be off by an hour and it won't make much difference, as long as I take it the second I open my eyes. Getting up, even just being awake in bed for a while will have  a much bigger impact.

    Also - now that I'm more comfortable with my cycle and my interpretations of CM (which are the most important indicator), I only take my temp for about 10-14 days a month (my cycles are 28-32 days and I usually ovulate on days 14-16).
  • Thank you for the info! I'm glad I can start each month off with a different time. Very good to know. :)
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  • yup, what Riss said!
    I usually take mine when DH gets up at 5:45 (I dont usually get up til several hours later,) and then I fall back asleep, and for me that gets a very consistent temp. 
  • Ditto PPs.  It's especially nice if you have a thermometer that saves the last temperature it measured, so you don't even have to get up to record it.  Perfect for lazy bones like me who like to stay in bed until the last possible second!



  • You ladies are the best :)
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  • i get up every night to pee.
    i take my temp then, as i usually wake to go around 4 am. 

  • As a slight spin off to this question, if you take your temp and go back to sleep, do most of you record it then go back to sleep? Or just rely on the last temp flash on the digital thermometer?

    I was trying to just rely on the last recorded temp, but it flashes SO quickly on mine that I've missed it and there is no way (that I know of) to get it back. I have the Target basal thermometer and the directions say it flashes for 2 seconds. I wish it would keep it until I cleared it or something-- is there another thermometer that does that? 
  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    I would get a BD thermometer. It will hold the temp until you clear it. I take my temp, then put it right back on the nightstand without even looking at it. When I wake up, or later in the day, I will go back and turn on my thermometer and the last temp is displayed for a good 5 seconds, before it clears.

    Now that it is so routine, most of the time I do this without fully waking up! I sometimes have to ask my husband if I took my temp!
  • Thank you-- the BD one sounds much better. That's the one that has a backlight too, right? I hadn't been able to tell which ones, if any, hold the temp a little longer, but I can certainly read it in 5 seconds.  
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