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Thursday at home - Emotional

Hello, everyone -

I'm home sick with a combination migraine/tension tends to happen after I have a release of tension. Having the huge project at work spread out some, and finding a seamstress who truly understands how important my dress is to me and is willing to work with me to get it right certainly qualifies!

It's raining here, and it's been about four days since I've seen my FI. This is pretty much par for the course for us, since he spends half his time with his son. The fact that he is an incredibly dedicated and devoted father is one of the many things I love and admire about him, but during these periods I wish I didn't have a full time job, so I could go up and be there with him! FSS just started his sophomore year in high school, so the day when FI can be here full time is not that far away.

So today, my kitties (Chaco and Maya) and I are watching Bridezillas and feeling sentimental and happy, though missing my sweetie. I can't believe it's so close. You guys are right - everyone told me the time would begin to speed up once you hit the one month mark, and I didn't believe it. But it definitely is...and I can't wait!! And I am so happy that I've been able to share this journey with all of you. Thank you for your words of wisdom and sympathy, and especially for sharing my joy!!

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Re: Thursday at home - Emotional

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    *hugs* Enjoy your day of R&R and feel better.
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    It was quiet on the board this afternoon, eh?

    Hugs Linda!  You're so close!

    Not much going on around here.  We've been riduculously social the past couple weeks for some reason, so I haven't even really been home at night to knot very much!  Sometimes I just skim all the posts to make sure no one is causing trouble and then don't have time to post myself.  Boo!

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