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psalm? HELP!

Hi Everyone,

We're bringing in our own vocalist for a full Catholic wedding mass (I just converted to Catholicism this year, so still learning the ropes in regards to music).  The vocalist will be singing the bridal procession, responsorial psalm, and acclamation. 

We want to use Psalm 118... but does the vocalist sing two (or more???) verses of the psalm?  I'm not sure which to choose or how many.  Help!! (+ thank you!)

Re: psalm? HELP!

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    There is a proper text to the Psalm (It's not the whole entire Psalm, depending on whether you're looking at it straight from the Bible, or from a version that has already been put into "responsorial psalm" format for Mass.) You can find the text in something like the "Together for Life" book. If you don't have anything like that, then I can try and find what it should be. The way it works, is the vocalist sings the response, then everyone repeats the response, then the vocalist sings all the given verses (there are usually 3-4) and after every verse the vocalist (and everyone else) repeats the response.
  • You'll want to talk to the musicians, they can help you with what music settings they know of the psalms. The music is written to fit the verses. 
  • If your vocalist is not familiar with singing in a mass, it would be worth it to try to arrange a time for her to come in and practice with whoever will be accompanying her.  And hopefully BEFORE the wedding day.  The music director at our church agreed to let one of my bridesmaids cantor and said he'd practice with her at 12:30 (for a 2:00 wedding), then the day of he said he'd never agreed to that and barely showed up on time.  It all went well, but it was one of the more stressful parts of the day.  =(

    And welcome and congratulations on your upcoming marriage and on entering the church!



  • thank you everyone, i really appreciate the help! :) 
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