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Catholic Weddings

Church Coordinator

Am I suppose to tip the church coordinator?  She's been helpful, but I wasn't sure if this is included in the $750 were paying to get married as members at the church.

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Re: Church Coordinator

  • edited December 2011
    Well our church organist was also our wedding coordinator. We had to pay an additional fee to use her and for meeting with her prior to the wedding. We did not tip her bc we already paid her a seperate fee from the church fees. We had to write seperate checks. She also was ok at first early in our planning, but sucked towards the end when it mattered most. She forgot some of our paperwork, etc that we had already given her a long time ago.

    Are you paying a seperate fee for her? Or is it included in using the church? If you are paying a seperate fee for her, then I would say you would be ok not tipping her. If it is included, then maybe a small tip would be nice.
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  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
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    Ask what the 750 goes towards.  I also paid 750 but I did it with personal checks made out to each person.  100 went to the wedding coordinator.  
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