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Program/Invite Q's

Ok so first, I don't know why this didn't cross my mind but now(of course, after already sending the invites to the printer) I realized we didn't say anything about the "sacrament of marrriage" or "united by God" or something. To most that's probably not a big deal but I feel like it's the intergral part of the wedding and I can't believe I forgot to include it on the invite! I was so caught up in the wording, fonts etc that the stationer kept sending me I didn't even think that we should hadd more than just the normal Mr. and Mrs. blah blah, invite you to join in the blah blah.... AH. anyways, just freaking out a little.

Also, does anyone have a wedding program template for a wedding(with full mass)? It would be super helpful! Thanks!

Re: Program/Invite Q's

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    If you have already approved the proof, then I don't think there is much you can do about it now. But it will be just fine. Don't sweat the small things.

    As far as a wedding program template, there are many generic templates online. I typed ours out and printed them ourselves at home.

    Check out catholicweddinghelp.com for ideas on how to set it up. And here is a site that might help you as well:  http://weddings.shanbritedesigns.com/templates.htm

    Good luck. And congrats on your upcoming wedding.
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  • doctabroccolidoctabroccoli member
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    A nuptual mass isn't that different from a normal mass in terms of parts of the service.  You just insert the vows and rings after the homily and add a blessing right before the recessional/closing hymn.  Were you given one of the books with all the choices for scripture by your Church?  That way you know where extra stuff is inserted.

    Oh, and for record, our invites weren't religious at all as we have a lot of non-religious family and friends.
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  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    We had pretty standard invitations as well.  I never knew that there were special invitations for Catholic weddings.

    I found a place in NJ that discounted Crane's a ton so we ordered there
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    I didn't put anything about God or sacrement.  I do know that you are suppose to put honor/honour instead of pleasure of your presence.
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  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    Ditto Missy Sue, use http://catholicweddinghelp.com to help you make your program.
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