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How did you ask your priest to marry you?

Hi all,

My FI and I relocated soon after we got engaged and started attending a new church near our new home.  We've only been going about 3 or 4 months but there is a priest that we would like to ask us to marry us.  We just aren't quite sure how to do it.  Is this something that would be appropriate to do after mass?  Or should we make an appointment with him to ask him?  It is one of the more informal/casual catholic churches we have ever attended, but we still aren't quite sure how to approach it.

How did you ask?  Any advice?

Thank you!! 
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Re: How did you ask your priest to marry you?

  • Do you mean asking to celebrate the mass, asking to have your nuptial mass at that parish, or both?

    Most parishes I've encountered have some sort of route established for beginning the marriage prep process (check the bulletin or website). If you want him specifically to celebrate mass, and you don't know him well, I would set up a meeting and ask there. It would also be a good chance to establish a relationship.
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  • I should have been more specific!  Yes, to celebrate our nuptial mass.  We already have the church reserved for our day and have met with the Deacon who makes the arrangements for the church.  The Deacon made it clear that we had to ask the specific priest we wanted to marry us ourselves.  Which totally makes sense, we just weren't quite sure how to do it.
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  • "How did you ask your priest to marry you?"

    You can't marry a priest, that's preposterous!

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  • We waited until after mass and asked if we could have a private moment with him.  He ended up driving us from the chapel to the Catholic Student Center (it was at my husband's university) and we asked him in his car.  =)  He was really busy and that was pretty much the only moment we got him alone!



  • i called the church and left a voicemail saying we were looking to get married and wanted to come in and discuss the process. 
  • FI called the priest's office at the church and asked over the phone.

    I called the parish we are getting married at to find out the logistics of a wedding at our parish with a visiting priest.
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  • Our Deacon offered to do our marriage before we were even engaged!  Once the engagement was official, I e-mailed him, said we'd love to have him as our officiant, and asked what the next steps were.  It helped that we'd known him for almost a year at that point.
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  • I think we will ask for a private moment after mass this week.  Thank you for all your input and help!

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