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Hi all!!

My fiance and I go to different churches with Christian denomination in York, PA.  Our reception is at The Country Barn in Lancaster/Mountville, PA.  We wanted to have a religious ceremony in a neutral church closer to our reception location.

I have tried calling several churches in the Lancaster area and have found a few that may work, but most do not allow non-members to be married in their churches.   We love the big, beautiful stone or brick churches with the stain glass windows--and it has always been my dream to be married in a church like that!

Does anyone know of any churches in the Lancaster area that allow non-members to be married there?  Any insight at all would be oh so helpful!

Thank you!

Re: Lancaster PA Churches

  • The Trinity Church in Mount Joy is very nice. Stone, high ceiling with stained glass above the alter. Really pretty. I am pretty sure they allow non-members to wed there.
    Check them out:

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  • You are looking for what I was looking for last Spring(we're getting married this July) I really struggled finding a place like you described where they would let non-members get married or didn't charge an outrageous fee(most were well over $1,000 if you weren't a member) There are places like you described by they are difficult to get.  I ended up booking the Mary Dixon Chapel at the Linden Hall Girls School.

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