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Honoring Deceased Parent during Ceromony and Program?

I would like to mention my deceased parent in the wedding program. I will be going with a Catholic wedding program maker. Is this allowed? And how would go about honoring them i.e, wording? Also, I know that the ceremony is very structured but do you think I will be allowed to honor my deceased father at some point during the ceremony?

Re: Honoring Deceased Parent during Ceromony and Program?

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    I think putting something in the program is a great idea. A wedding is a happy and joyous occassion and I feel like sometimes people go too far trying to remember deceased loved ones on a beautiful day. I am not saying not to do anything at all, but I think the program is the way to go.

    We also put something like: For those that have gone before us, we know that you are not with us physically, but you are with us in Spirit.

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    We listed our deceased family members in the program and included them by name in the Prayers of the Faithful.

    ETA: We DIY'd our programs, but I can't imagine that including something would be a problem with the program-makers you're working with.
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  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    We out on the back of the program

    "Our hears ares with those who could not be here to celebrate with ut today"

    Listed all the grandparents, the bride's godmother and her half brother.
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    We're listing the deceased in the prayers of the faithful and we also put the following in our program. 

    In Loving Memory

    We remember those who are not present, but are here in spirit, watching over us today, most notably _________________. We hold your memories dear and carry a special prayer in our hearts today and always.

    Hope that helps!

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    We also placed ours in the program and in the prayers, but at the reception we will have a small vase with flowers in their memory.
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    We just had a section titled, "In Remembrance," with the names of the deceased.



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    Another way in addition to what PP have said, you could also carry a specific amount of flowers for the prayers to Mary.  I will be carrying 8 yellow roses to represent our grandparents with one white rose to represent FI's father. 
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    I'm considering putting a few extra candles near the alter - one for each of the close loved ones that have died and won't be able to "join" us on our wedding day.  Then, we would include something in the program like:  The four candles in X location are lit in rememberance of A, B, C, and D, who have passed away.

    Also, consider mentioning your father in the "prayer of the faithful"  a/k/a the "Lord hear our prayer" section of the mass (if you are having a full mass).  
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  • _Dagney__Dagney_ member
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    My father in law died suddenly a week and a half before our wedding.  We chose to simply mention him in the prayer of the faithful.

    It was obviously on everyone's mind that day. 

    We didn't want his passing to overshadow the joyousness of the occassion. And we had just been through so much with his funeral and burial, it in many ways felt best to leave that behind in a way.
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