Muncy/Williamsport area venue HELP!

Hi, all! 

Just wondering if anyone out there knows of a nice, rustic, non banquet-y type venue in the Lycoming county area for an October 22nd wedding.  I'm not originally from here, so I'm completely clueless...

Also wondering if this whole Freaking-Out-Over-Planning thing subsides once the venue is booked.  I've been engaged for exactly 2 weeks and 1 day, and if one more person says, "Oh, you have to book a venue NOW!  You're running out of time!"  I am going to start throwing punches. 

Thanks, everyone!

Re: Muncy/Williamsport area venue HELP!

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    There is a nice outdoor venue in Northumberland (about 30 mins away from Muncy) called The Priestly Savidge house that is outside and beautiful.

    Also, Spyglass Ridge Winery in Sunbury is beautiful

    As far as the madness subsiding after booking a venue:  It is a nice big checkmark to get out of the way, but where I went the most nuts was closer to the wedding day when there is 1,000 small details to hammer out.  Brace yourself for that!

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    Peter Heric house in Williamsport?  I would love to have a reception there but I am forced to do mine in Harrisburg where i live...just a thought!
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    Thank you, ladies!  We've decided to go with the Watson Inn.  Not my ideal venue, but it's lovely, cheap, and the staff is extremely friendly and accomodating. 
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