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lasso ceremony

Hi ladies, Greeting from the Jersey board!! I wanted to ask you guys about the Lazo ceremony, I want to incorporate this into my wedding, but my priest asked me when in the ceremony does he do this and I was clueless. Any one have any idea?
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Re: lasso ceremony

  • edited December 2011
    Do you mean lasso ceremony?  It's more of a cultural thing, not a Catholic thing.  You see it a lot in the Hispanic and Filipino weddings.  My husband is Filipino and we did the cord and coin ceremony during our wedding.  If you google "lasso ceremony" there are a bunch of pages that will provide info.  They might be slightly different between cultures.  GL!

    Also, the priest won't be the one that will do it.  You generally choose "sponsors" who will come up at a certain point during the ceremony and place the cord/lasso around you two.
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