Help! We need someone to marry us!


There's nothing quite like living in Arizona and planning a wedding in PA (Lancaster)! Thankfully, my fiance and I have just about everything booked - venue (Cork Factory), DJ, photographer, florist, etc etc. That said, we're missing the most important piece to the puzzle... someone to conduct the ceremony! Problem is, my fiance is Jewish and I was raised Catholic. To satisfy both families we are looking for a rabbi/ preacher or pastor duo that will work in unison for the ceremony. We've been to weddings where this has taken place so we know it can be done; however, have no idea where to start. 

If you have any suggestions or recommendations on rabbis/officiants or where we could stop our search, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Our wedding is at the end of October and the clock is ticking! :) 

THANKS in advance! 

Re: Help! We need someone to marry us!

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    What about trying a magistrate? A lot of them will do it for a very low cost.
    BTW, we were just at a wedding at the Cork Factory the other week, beautiful! Great choice!

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    Thank you! I'm thinking it may come to that.... which I wouldn't mind but the families wanted something more faith based I guess. Thanks for the kind comments about the Cork Factory! I basically signed the contract without seeing the place in person - counting on my mom to review things for me since I'm on the other side of the country!
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    We're using Fr. Joe McLaughlin. He's a Catholic preist who left the church because he wanted to get married. He's able to do every type of ceremony (just not in a Catholic church I don't think), is very reasonably priced, and is easy to work with. His wife is also very nice and helps him out alot. He;s based in Lancaster, so you shouldn't have any travel issues should you decide to go wth him. Here's his website.
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    Maybe check with Dave from Wedding Dayz.  He's fantastic but not sure if he can combine what you're looking for?

    Good Luck!
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    I am going with Rev. Pam Brehem. She was the officant at my sister-in-laws wedding. She really caters the ceremony to what you want and to your personality.
    So far she has been really helpful with the process of selecting vows and guiding us through the process.
    She is very organized and knows her stuff. She does just about any religion.
    She is from Berks County but charges no travel fee if you are in the Lancaster area. Her prices are the best around.
    [email protected]

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    We are using Rev. Judith Gausch she is awesome and your ceremony is completely personal. You literally pick and chose everything that is going to happen that day and she has some many choices. Our planning guide she gave us was over 100 pages for us to choose from. I couldnt have found someone better and her prices are very reasonable. If your interested her website is" target="_blank"> 
    Just tell her Tiana G. sent you her way! Hope you find someone soon, Good luck!!!!
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    We are looking to use Theresa at  She is super friendly, has great reviews, and is VERY well priced!! 
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