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Thursday, so what's up for you?

Who is getting married this weekend?  One of my favorites on the Etiquette board but she doesn't post here.

Bibli, I tried to count back but did baby B come on our day?  I try but there's only so much I can do with the tides.   I'm sure you know how that happens, right?  right?

Re: Thursday, so what's up for you?

  • We don't have any weddings this weekend, at least not according to the thread.

    I'm hoping my last certification document arrives today so that I can rush everything downtown and get things done.  :/  Other than that I'll just be doing more housework.



  • Nope, OOT, C came the next day -- I'm sure it's Leap Year that messed with the tides. In actuality, I'm glad she gets a day seperate from Mom and Dad.

    It's actually a big day for C and I. We're meeting some family members for our first meal out (breakfast). It is also the first day we're getting out the door at a set time without another person helping. She's usually really good in the mornings, so I think everything will go okay. Wish us luck. ;)

    Prof. -- the certification drama is so annoying. I hate when people tell you to do things wrong, then you rely on that and end up having to re-do everything. Ugg. I hope it all works out today and you can get it off your mind.
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  • Enjoy your time out with H!
  • Bibli - good luck with your outing!  I'm sure it will all go smoothly.  Even if it's a little rough getting out the door, you'll have extra hands to help once you get to the breakfast.

    Nothing special here, have to go to the dentist today - ugh.  FI and I had another meeting with the priest last night, it went really well.  I really like our priest, and definitely feel comfortable with him.  The only thing I'm a little iffy on is that he said we don't have to prepare our own Prayers of the Faithful, they have something that we can use.  I'm a little concerned because I don't want to use just the standard one that's used in Mass every Sunday, since it usually has something about the HHS mandate, and also a prayer to close the "awful baby-killing center" (i.e. abortion clinic).  Not that those things aren't important, I just know some of our guests would be uncomfortable hearing about that, and I'd rather not have those included at our Nuptial Mass.  Hopefully it won't be a problem to request a copy of what they're suggesting we use, and tweak if necessary.
  • Happy Thursday everyone!  My wedding is one week from tomorrow.  I've been a total nervous wreck all week, but last night I calmed down somehow and I'm not as nervous today.   I don't really have much left to do, except tie a few more bows on the remaining favors and working on table numbers tonight.  Hopefully the next week will be somewhat peaceful!

    I had my Napro appt yesterday, and she put me on progesterone.  I'm not sure it's going to really address all my problems, but it's a start at least.  Then after the HM I get to start using yellow stickers, so that's a big step lol! 

    Oh, and we got our marriage license today!!!   I can't believe the wedding is finally here...


  • Glad to hear you're feeling more calm about the wedding Resa!  I'm sure it helps that you don't have a lot of last-minute things left to do. 

    And I hope that your Napro doc is able to help you get everything figured out!  It's funny that you're started on progesterone, and will be using yellow stickers... at my last follow-up my teacher said I'll be starting on that, and she's been seeing things in my chart that makes her think I might have low progesterone.  I"m sure you and I will be having lots of conversations on those topics! :)
  • Erin, I think there is a standard "wedding" Prayers of the Faithful that they will probably use.

    So exciting, Resa!



  • In Response to Re: Thursday, so what's up for you?:
    Erin, I think there is a standard "wedding" Prayers of the Faithful that they will probably use. So exciting, Resa!
    Posted by professorscience
    Oh good, I hope so!  The thought of "baby-killing center" being mentioned during my wedding makes me cringe.
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    Yay Resa so excited for you. I am sure every thing will be wonderful!

    I got back home from Wisconsin yesterday evening had a great time at the conference and had a good night catching up with my former roommate as well as hanging out with my husband. It is good to be home.

    Today it was back to work for a short work week for me and I am feeling more excited about science and my project now and got a few good ideas at the conference so that's all good. Hopefully this attitude will last, haha. Also have a happy hour with some friends to look forward to after work.

    I am hoping we can paint our new bedroom this weekend and get everything moved in. Not sure if I mentioned this before but we are living in the same house I was living in last year but moving to the basement 1 bedroom suite, with two of my roommates still living upstairs. Right now we are still in my old bedroom upstairs which is packed with all our crap (it will eventually be an office). We also have a friend crashing with us who was supposed to defend his masters thesis by the end of the month and move out... but he still hasn't set a date and I think we are all getting frustrated with the extra houseguest.

    Edited to Add:
    While I was out of town our photographer posted part 2 of our wedding preview.

    So happy with her and excited to get all the rest!
  • I hope everyone is out of harms way with these storms.  We were supposed to be getting them in Albany but they never came.  I am dissappointed we didn't get thunder and lightening but I am glad we didn't get tornadoes.
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  • We were supposed to get thunderstorms yesterday here, but they barely missed us.  I can handle nasty weather, I'd just be happy with anything at this point.



  • The weather is calling for thunderstorms every day for the next 10 days.  I really hope for no rain on Aug 3!!  And little to no rain in the OBX the week after! 


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