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Lectionary wording question

Hi everyone!  I have a question about getting the wording for our readings from the Lectionary.  Since wording can vary in different versions of the Bible, I'd like to send my lectors a copy of what they will actually be reading so they can see it or practice in advance to feel more comfortable. I know they will be reading from the Lectionary, but everything I can find online about the Lectionary has the readings by date, not available to look up by chapter, verse, etc. If I look up the wording in the New American Bible, should that be the same as the Lectionary? Or does anyone know of a good source for me? Any help is appreciated.

Also, I don't know if I've introduced myself here, but my name is Ellen. My fiance Adam and I are planning a 10/16/10 nuptial mass.  Thanks!

Re: Lectionary wording question

  • agapecarrieagapecarrie member
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    New American is the correct tranlsation, however, there might be a word or 2 different. You can visit the parish and ask to make copies of the particular readings from the lectionary....so not only do would they have the exact wording, but they would see the layout (and page turns if necessary) ahead of time.
  • mswood1977mswood1977 member
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    Our church gave us the "Together for Life" book to choose our readings from, this has the readings the way they are in the lectionary.  Our priest also told us that if we wanted to pick something that wasn't in this book we would need approval from him and if it was approved he would provide us with the wording from the lectionary.  So my advice is to ask your priest for help.
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  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
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    Your church can send you this.  Talk to your wedding coordinator and she will be able to send you the exact wording they will use.  
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    I was also given the "Together for Life" book from my priest at our 1st meeting. It pretty much has the entire wedding ceremony in the booklet and it gives you several options for the different readings, how you want to say your vows and other mass related choices. I would just ask your priest if he has any booklet for preparing for the ceremony like the "Together for Life" book. Hope this helps :)
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    We are using a book as well. It's probably best to talk to your church they'll have the version you use during your ceremony
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    In my parish, the priest has copies of each reading choice. The copies are provided to the couple in advance.
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