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Good morning!

I FINALLY have everything I need to bring to the state certification office.  And it's a good thing, because I start working this week, and then school starts in three!  But I am now an expert on the Oklahoma teacher certification process, so if any of you needs help there, I'm your girl!

What's up for everyone's Monday?



Re: Good morning!

  • im back at work after a week off.  :-(

  • Great news Prof!  Glad you were able to get it all worked out in time.

    Nothing special here, just trying to get back into the groove after a relaxing weekend off.  We picked out our wedding bands, and I made some progress on my DIY centerpieces.  My parents and FI"s parents are visiting this weekend and will meet for the first time.  None of them will be staying with us, but they'll still be spending some time at our place so I need to get some mad cleaning done!
  • *yawn*
    I'm still tired. Why did I get up at 8:00 on my day off :-/
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  • Erin: I'm planning on DIYing my centerpieces too. What are yours going to look like?
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  • Erin, we picked out and ordered our wedding rings too! 

    On Saturday night we threw a Christmas in July party complete with gift exchange, Christmas carols and pie.  It was so much fun!
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  • Ha, ha, Prof.  If you can get me certified in Massachusetts, that would be great.  I sent all my paperwork back in April, and they JUST e-mailed me to tell me they received my transcripts and nothing else.  GAH.
  • Yay on getting things coordinated, Prof. I know how ridiculous the certification process can be!

    DIY centerpiece girls -- I admire all of you who tackle complicated centerpieces. We just used a plant and some candles and our table names (in frames). It looked great in the reception space, but it was really straightforward/easy. I think something more complex would have been the final stress straw for me.

    Things here are quiet today. C slept like a dream Saturday night and most of yesterday, so, of course, she was up a ton last night. We are going to chill at home most of the day, but we do have a couple of tiny earrands to run to at least get out of the house.

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  • In Response to Re: Good morning!:
    In Response to Re: Good morning! :  Ditto to DIY centerpieces!  We're considering something like this:
    Posted by TXKristan
    Those wine bottle centerpieces look cool!  That's a lot more ambitious than mine - I just gathered some branches from my friend's mom's yard, sanded them, and am spray-painting them silver.  I got some painted this weekend, and they look great so far!  I found cylinder vased and clear marble vase filler on Craigslist, and will buy some ribbon in my wedding colors to tie around the vases.  I think they'll look pretty good when I'm done, and it should all come out to be pretty inexpensive.
  • In Response to Re: Good morning!:
    Erin, we picked out and ordered our wedding rings too!  On Saturday night we threw a Christmas in July party complete with gift exchange, Christmas carols and pie.  It was so much fun!
    Posted by kgrawedding
    Oh that sounds fun!  My bosses have talked about doing our office's Christmas party as "Christmas in July" at someone's lake cabin, but that hasn't happened yet.

    What sort of bands did you pick out?  I picked out the band that was intended to go with my solitaire engagement ring, a thin band with diamonds about halfway around, with a small notch in it to fit around the ring.  FI ended up going with a cobalt ring.  I hadn't heard of the material at all, but apparently it's extremely durable.
  • The Christmas in July party sounds like a blast!

    Unfortunately I had the funeral of a good friend's father who died suddenly earlier this week.  It was a very emotional weekend between that and planning for a move to Pittsburgh.  Other than that, much of the weekend was spent trying to pack and figuring out where I will live in less than a month.
  • I totally admire people who have/had DIY elements to their weddings.  I think the closest I came to "DIY" was hand-addressing my invitations (which was quite an undertaking) and hand-writing my escort cards (and even then I had help)!

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss, jen!

    I'm back from dropping all my stuff off with the state dept. of education.  Soooo happy to have that out of my hands.

    And I fly out on Friday to go visit my parents and then drive down to spend the weekend with H!



  • Just issued a big pricing set to contractors for an office project in Raleigh... whew.  Now back to my other projects that have been on the back burner for a bit too long!  Or a siesta...

    Speaking of certifications... we have an architect in our office who is licensed in 32 states.  It's practically a full-time job for our admin to keep track of and renew those licenses.  Sounds like a frustrating process for you guys... good luck!

    Have fun with all those DIY wedding projects, ladies!  They sound/look cool...
  • Erin: That sounds a lot like my idea! I'm using birch branches and placing silk flowers on some of the branches. Plus I found some tall cyllindrical vases at TJ Maxx with birds on them to go with my 'love birds' theme. I'm so excited about them, but each TJ Maxx and Marshalls only has about 2 or 3 so I have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the rest of them lol 
    PS: Those wine bottle centerpieces are wicked! I can't imagine having the patience to do all that
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  • My weekend was super productive.  On Sat we spent the entire day cleaning/organizing my condo and moving FI's stuff over.  He'll be living at his parents' house until the wedding, but it's just a few days away so we figured we'd move his stuff now rather than after the HM.  So exciting!  Then yesterday we did a ton of errands for our HM.  Most wedding stuff is completely done, so it's a good feeling.  I'm working today and tomorrow, and then I'm off for a week and a half.  Can't wait!!


  • Resa- we did almost the same thing moving H into our condo. His lease was up at the end of June and our wedding was in early July. We moved him in and then poor guy lived out of a suitcase until the wedding. He stayed half the time with his parents and half with a friend who lived closer to...well, everything. My ILs live in the middle of nowhere!
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