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Ok, I need to vent...I had my Creighton follow up, and my cycle is just a huge mess.  Apparently my Napro doctor didn't follow protocol, so I'm not really getting the help I need.  My instructor gave me some recommendations, but they're all far away.  I don't understand how long-distance medical care works.  I can't even imagine how much this  will all cost, and I am not even sure how much my insurance will be able to cover.  It's so stressful.  I really wish I could just have a normal cycle.  It's really frustrating. 

My instructor is awesome and supportive. She is keeping us on a more frequent follow-up schedule, rather than going  3 months without meeting, since my chart isn't managed.  I just really wish this was more simple!!


Re: Vent...

  • Aw, sorry to hear that Resa!  I can commiserate somewhat, each cycle I've had so far has been different so it's been really frustrating trying to figure out what's "normal" for me - if that even exists!

    It's too bad that your NaPro doc didn't do things correctly, they should have been a good resource for you.  I'm glad to hear that your instructor is so supportive and continuing to help you.  I don't have any experience with NaPro doctors or long-distance medical care so I can't offer any advice there, but hopefully one of the other doctors your instructor mentioned can finally get you some answers.  It may be a hassle and stressful now, but as long as you get everything figured out, it will be worth it in the end.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)
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    I'm so sorry to hear that you had a disappointing follow-up. It's really surprising to me that your NaPro doc didn't do things "right." My experience is that NaPro people are usually pretty by the book. At least your instructor is being super-helpful. *hugs*

    ETA: I totally get the insurance drama/frustrations -- been there, done that. *double hugs*
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  • Thanks for the support, ladies.  I really appreciate it.


  • Please catch this hug from across the miles, as the saying goes.  :-)  I pray that God gives you patience and strength!
  • Resa, I'm so sorry to hear that!



  • Resa, I'm similarly frustrated with my cycle (in 6+ months of charting have yet to have a peak and am now on Day 24 of a megableed) and have even found myself whining to God, of which I'm not very proud.  I try to remind myself that the Lord beautifully designed women's cycles.  If He saw fit to give me this extra challenge in my life, He will provide the solution toward better health--in His time rather than mine.  That timing element can be particularly hard for me to remember, as well as the understanding that DH and I may never be able to conceive once we begin trying.  Please PM me if you'd like additional support.
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  • Thanks, Nickie!  That's such a good reminder -- to keep in mind that God has a plan!!


  • :( How frustrating. I'm glad your instructor is being extra supportive at least. I think you said before, NFP isn't easy for everyone, but I'm proud you're sticking with it!!
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