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Good Morning!

How's everyone doing this fine Monday? :) 

I had a great weekend, lots of fun at my bridal shower and bachelorette party.  My cell phone disappeared at some point on our trip from one bar to the next, but a good samaritan found it and called my friend the next day, so I got it back (really wasn't looking forward to buying a new phone, so that was great!).

Re: Good Morning!

  • Yay for found phone and parties! I see your wedding is only 3 weeks away! You must be getting so excited.

    My weekend was spent getting the apartment together on Sunday for our wedding in 2 monthes. Hanging towel racks, and pictures, sewing curtains, etc. My cousin popped over for a visit and then my Fiance's parents. When I left to go home, I just kept thinking how I can't wait until we're married and the apartment becomes my home. :)

    Monday I spent the day with my mom. She had a Dr. Appointment, and then we grabbed lunch and stopped at the mall. I zonked out on the couch before dinner, and then went off to dance class. Whew! I'm ready for another weekend. :)
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