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Priest Asked Me to Teach ECF

Our priest emailed me yesterday and said when he was talking to the director of ECF (Eastern Christian Formation - The Byzantine version of CCD) about the shortage of instructors, they specifically came to my name. I was so flattered. But I can't do it because my training is going to take me out of state for several weeks at a time from Septemeber to January. I really wanted to do it even before the email.  :(
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Re: Priest Asked Me to Teach ECF

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    Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    what an honor!
    defintiely tell them that you are interested but cant do it at this time.  maybe they can let you be invovled in some other way.
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    Agreed. What an honor.  I also agree that you should make sure that they know you would be interested but for work. They might be able to use you in some other way. At the very least, they would have you in mind when the topic comes up again. :)
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    Jasmine&RajahJasmine&Rajah member
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    That's awesome, bel!  Maybe God's timing will work out another year.
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