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The church we are getting married in is very traditional and said the wedding would be at 10:30am.  We were hoping to have an evening reception so there could be dinner and dancing.  Has anyone else been presented with a morning ceremony as the only time? What did you do for a reception? We thought it would be uncomfortable for our guests to have such a long break but didn't think everyone would really relax and get into dancing if we had the reception at lunch. Thoughts?

Thank you!!

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    I was married on 1.15.11 and we had an AM wedding with a midday reception. It worked out very well. We had a three hour break between and it was very nice. Most people were able to figure out sometime to do on their own before heading over to the reception.

    This also allowed us to have our outdoor pictures on the mall. You can also arrange something for your guest to do between if you are really worried about the time gap.

    Hope that this helps.

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    My priest offered my times between 10 am and 2 pm, suggesting I do it at 1 to give time for photos and clean up before their mass.  Though not quite your situation, i was expecting a little later of a reception but c'est la vie.

    It might depend on your budget and where you live, but maybe you can suggest something for people to do between the wedding and reception or coordinate something with your reception site?  For example I was at a wedding once where the reception didnt start til an hour after the ceremony finished and it was at the same during that time period and while they were tkaing pictures a trolley took us on a tour of the area and then brought us back when its time to start.  Im sure thats expensive but maybe you could suggest a local museum, park , or something like that to explore between events?

    A lunch reception though is usually cheaper though and I wouldnt mind going to one :)
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    No, I was able to have an afternoon ceremony.

    I would worry that people would skip your ceremony if you have a large gap (and I'm guessing with a 10:30am ceremony and an evening reception, you'd have a 6-8 hour gap?).  If you have a lot of guests driving in from the suburbs and/or are having your reception anywhere other than a hotel, a large gap is very inconvenient.  I'd advise that you consider a lunch reception or look for a church that allows a later ceremony.
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    If we had our reception at 10:30am then wanted a dinner reception at like 6pm that would be SUCH a long break. If we moved our reception to early afternoon my family has mentioned when they had early weddings friends/family hosted various after parties at their house later that evening. I'm just concerned that we'll have people travelling thousands of miles and we'll just have lunch with them and send them home!
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    I don't think people would mind a nicely done lunch reception.  Also, you could do an after party for those wanting to continue to celebrate.  But a 6.5 hour gap is too much.  Most people will not want to sight see in their fancy outfits and shoes.  And what will you do in the 6.5 hours?  Wear your dress the entire time? 
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    I would try to have the reception start sometime between 12 & 2.  6.5 hours is way too long.  Maybe serve mimosas or something like that.

    Normally I'd say a gap isn't a big deal (I had a 2.5 hour gap) but 6.5 hours is just way too long.  I went to a morning wedding with a lunch reception.  It was nice, there was still dancing, etc.  The only thing that I did not like about it was that it was over by 3 and H and I had to still find something for dinner (we travelled OOT for this wedding).

    You could have the after party and change into a nice white cocktail dress for it.  Serve light appetizers.  OOT guests would probably like that.  Less formal, relaxing with the fam.

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    I had the options of 10a, 2pm and 7pm and I very, very seriously considered doing the morning ceremony. I ended up going with 2pm (because a couple of key family members are not morning people), but if I had done the 10am, I would have done a lunch reception. It might not have been quite as much of a party, but I'm not looking for a club atmosphere anyway! I would have a nice lunch/brunch reception with mimosas, maybe a coffee bar and still gone for music and dancing! I had a fantasy of having a private, nice dinner with my FI that evening after all the celebrating, but that will have to wait for the honeymoon.
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    My BIL and his wife at a 10:30 wedding ceremony and then a lunch reception. It actually didn't feel any different from an evening reception, aside from the fact that it was still light outside. Our meals were the same as if it was dinner and there was a DJ and dancing. They also had a party back at MIL's house after the reception for those who still wanted to keep the party going.
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    They just gave us a time of 3pm. I didn't say anything i just assumed that what a good time for the Father.

    I would have perferred 1pm but i just said ok and took 3pm. Not big deal.
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    My FBIL/FSIL had their Nuptial Mass at 11am.  Their reception was a traditional 10-course Chinese banquet and that didn't start until 7pm.  It worked out for them because no one was from out of town.  People just went home, did whatever they needed to or took naps, and then redressed to go back out again.

    If you have OOT guests, I also agree with the ladies, try to have your ceremony later in the evening at another church and limit gaps to no more than 2.5 hours or try to have a lunch reception.  Or else, you will risk these OOT guests not attending your ceremony.
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    Even with a lunch reception think of the logistics of getting ready that morning. Are you prepared to get up early enough to take care of last minute things and get gorgeous and be at the church ready to go by 10:30?   I would try to find a church that has a later time slot available. If nothing else, it will give your more time the day of the wedding to get ready. 
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    Most of my family had morning weddings, with evening receptions.   My sisters (married years and years ago, though) both had morning masses with evening receptions.  So did my best friend (almost 10 years ago).  After my sisters weddings, we had lunch and beverages at my parents house (5 houses away from the church) and after my best friend's wedding, we did the same at her now in-law's house.  Maybe you could provide out of town guests with a list of nearby museums or restaurants or other attractions? Or provide a simple lunch at a hotel? And then still have your evening reception?

    That being said, one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to was at 11 am with reception immediately following.  The luncheon reception was at a country club type restaurant,  on Lake Michigan, followed by a live band, cake/ice cream, open bar in a tent outside. They also took advantage of the location, and offered lawn games/golf (pitch & putt course).   They requested that the attire be dressy casual- no jeans, no shorts, but polos for the guys, sundresses for women were perfectly acceptable.   The wedding itself was beautiful, and the reception was elegant and fun at the same time. 

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    My old roommate just got married last weekend and they had an 11am TLM which ran about 2 hours and a 5:00 start at the reception.  They wanted the gap so that they did not have to see each other before the ceremony, could take pictures while it was still light out and have enough time in between for family and friends who were preparing the dinner that was served at the reception.

    My other friend had a spring wedding last year with an 11am regular Mass, time for photos between and a 5:00pm start at the reception.  The 11am Mass was their only option.  However, their reception was conveniently at the hotel that all the out of town guests were staying at... so the gap really wasn't a massive issue!

    I've heard that earlier luncheon type receptions are pretty nice, too!  So definitely consider the options proposed by PP's :)  Sometimes you can get a pretty decent deal if you do your reception earlier in the afternoon.
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