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Hi ladies, I'm usually a lurker and have found great advice from all of you about my upcoming wedding. My FI is Catholic and I am not. We are getting married in a Catholic church, but are not having a full mass including the Eucharist. Is it still appropriate to refer to it as the "Sacrament of Marriage" (i.e. in my program)? I think so, but wanted to confirm. Thanks!
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Re: Sacrament?

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    mica178mica178 member
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    Hi Lois, and welcome!
    Are you baptised?  Has your priest submitted paperwork for a dispensation for the two of you to get married?  
    Assuming the answer is "yes" to both questions, then yes, the marriage will be a Sacrament.
    If you have questions about your program, consider discussing them with the coordinator of your church, as some parishes require that the program be approved by their staff to make sure all the terminology is correct.
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    doctabroccolidoctabroccoli member
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    ^ What Mica said.  Make sure your parish doesn't have specific program requirements.  Mine does not, but I know a lot of people have said that their parishes do.
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    loislane906loislane906 member
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    Mica-Thanks for the quick response! Yes I am baptised and I assume that the priest is doing the paperwork for us since he requested both of our baptismal certificates. We also completed pre-cana at the church (not sure if that matters). The coordinator is the organist and he's not the MOST organized person I've ever dealt with so I don't know if he'd actually look over the program template before the wedding. They shouldn't let men be in charge of important things like this! :)

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