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With only 2 months to go, my Priest backed out.

I've been working with my Priest for a year, with my fiance.  I had left the church many years ago for many reasons, which some of you may remember me mentioning months back.  This priest has been amazing through the whole process and made me (finally) feel welcomed in a Catholic Church.

In what was going to be our last appt to iron out all the details, at the very end he mentions that it's no big deal but he'll be out of town so the Deacon will do the ceremony.  I'm hurt and angry.  To have it dismissed like it's nothing is so horrible to me.  I have never even met the Deacon.  Part of the reason we have met so many times and had such candid conversations was because I wanted a personal ceremony by someone who actually knew us.  The Deacon's sermons have a far more political agenda to them and make me very uncomfortable.  I am heartbroken right now and when I voiced my concerns to my priest he said he'd talk to the Deacon about my concerns.  My concern is my Priest who made a commitment to us, just as we did to him, a year ago is bailing on us.  Not much the Deacon can do about that.
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Re: With only 2 months to go, my Priest backed out.

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    That's upsetting. It is nice to have a priest that knows you performing the ceremony. Unfortunately I think it's one of those things you just have to shrug off and move on. Priests are very busy and have so many demands, they aren't always the captain of their schedule. I'm sure he wasn't intentionally trying to upset you. Try to may the best of it - see if you can meet with the Deacon to form a better relationship. The only other option is to bring another priest or deacon in that you know from another parish. Sorry you are dealing with this so close to your day!!

    I promise that the day-of, you will still be radiating with happiness and love.
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    that really stinks, especially if you were planning on having Mass.  not much you can do tho.
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    :(  That does stink.

    Do you know any other deacons or priests who you would rather do the ceremony?  Many churches will let you bring another in for the wedding, especially if the church's priest backed out on you like that.

    If you were having a mass, it would be non-negotiable to me to bring another priest in to do it since a deacon can't.

    If no one else can, or you don't know anyone else, then just hope for the best with the deacon.  I'm sure he's wise enough to stay away from really uncomfortable topics for your wedding.  I think it will be fine!

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