In a pinch! Need help!

Hello to all the beautiful brides out there! A couple nights ago, my boyfriend and i decided to get married this summer. We're not engaged yet, but yes, i have already started to plan my wedding. We'replanning on June 30th being the day... and that's not too far away! We're having the ceremony and the reception in his parents beautiful back yard, but the reception will be under a tent. We are having an evening wedding... so i am planning on incorporating some black accents here and there to go with my wedding colors of ivory, deep periwinkle and a deep celery green. The wedding won't be too traditional, and i am going for a vintage country feel. I am on a very low budget and am planning on doing basically everything by myself, with the help of his and my family of course. For flower vases, i will be using different mason jars, and decorating with candles and white lights. I was wondering if anyone has any other unique, elegant, but yet super afforable ideas for decorating and/or the wedding favors. Any other low budget tips you have for anything else, please feel free to share them!

Thanks a bunch!

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  • Try Pinterest. They have tons of great ideas on there in a pinch.. such as puffy painting vases and then spray paint for neat textures.  Also check out the flower and craft warehouse in BlueBall.  I saved a ton of money and got lots of inspiration when planning our wedding.  Good luck!
  • I agree with Shutterbug.....Pinterest is an awesome start!!!! Another good site is right here....go to DIY board...lots of good ideas flow from there. But don't be shy there are a lot of good boards on this site!!! happy planning!!!

    Shutterbug, what are the name of the craft stores up there? I live near the PA/MD border and about 2 hours away from there...Good deals?

    Thanks and good luck Sarah...

  • The best one around in my opinion is the Flower and Craft Warehouse which is HUGE in BlueBall/Lititz area.  Other than that we have the typical Michaels and AC Moore.  I also found a ton of great priced items when planning at Joann Fabric which you wouldn't think, but was great. Also for candles and such I highly recommend online shopping at  They're cheap, easy, and fantastic. 
  • AC Moore - Micheals  - Joanne Fabrics- all take the each other coupons...and they Alwys have a coupon per week. Flower and craft warehouse in manheim you can get fake bouquets for like 25 bucks- nice ones too...or make your own with stems starting at like $1.. id also check craigslist- theres TONS of stuff on there!

    good luck

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  • Around this time, there are sales on wedding items cause winter is considered the "off season". I know Michaels is running a sale on all of their wedding items *they have coupons every week* and Target is running a sale on some invitations and thank you cards. AC Moore is a really good store to for things wedding and they also have coupons every week . Happy planning and hope this helps Sarah! :)
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