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do you ever take off your e-ring?


Re: do you ever take off your e-ring?

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    I wear my e-ring all the time except when I put hand lotion and bake. Well not really bake, but I decorate cakes with icing and fondant and that's usually when I take off my e-ring, cuz I hate having icing or fondant stuck in it. Other than that, it's always on my finger. If I'm cooking or doing other things that I need to use my hands, I wear my cooking gloves.
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    washing your hands?sometimes
    -putting lotion on?yes
    -washing dishes?sometimes
    -kneading bread ? ;-)
    -other times?
    I always feel like babying my e-ring. But I've had a few scares when taking it off and I place it somewhere and for a moment I can't find it-only for a moment-then I turn around and its right there. I tell myself to stop taking it off to wash my hands, shower,putting lotion on and sleep but I still do it.
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    I also don't wear any jewelry when I sleep, especially my e-ring. I'm too paranoid that it will slip off. At night I keep it in the jewelry box it came in. I wear it when I'm out of the house, but I take it off when I get home. For whatever reason, I don't like wearing jewelry when I'm home unless we have guests over.
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    I remove my ring in all of the listed circumstances.
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    -washing your hands? =no
    -putting lotion on? =yes
    -showering? =yes
    -washing dishes?  =some times
    -sleeping? =yes, and I put it in the ring box
    -kneading bread ?  =no, don't knead bread
    -other times? =yes, especially when doing yard work or something messy

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    Mine is off a lot. I work out quite a bit, so I usually leave it at home when I go to the gym. Sometimes I leave it on for yoga. I never leave it on for cooking; rarely for sleeping, either. And of course, I take it off in the shower. I generally have it on for work, church or other "public" occasions but I don't see the point of leaving it on when I'm hanging out by myself. I took it in to be cleaned the other day and the guy told me that I take care of mine better than most women he's seen! I guess I don't understand why/how most women leave theirs on all the time. I don't define myself in terms of my marital status, so after we get married, I am not sure if I will constantly wear my wedding band, either. Don't get me wrong- I love both rings but it's just not practical to always wear jewelry.
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