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Happy Monday!  (Sounds like an oxymoron to me...).  Everyone have a good weekend?  Anything exciting going on?

Me, I am in total freak out mode about how close the wedding is.  I have to basically force myself not to think about the wedding, and it's driving me insane lol.  It's not even like I have THAT much to do; I'm just nervous!!  I was telling FI, I'm not nervous at all about being married or marrying him, I'm just nervous for the actual wedding ceremony.  I'm not even nervous for the reception.  Literally, I'm just nervous for the Mass. After that I'll be fine.  Let's just hope I can it to the altar lol!


Re: Monday

  • Aw Resa, you will be just fine, I promise :) I felt the same way leading up to the wedding.

    I have so much going on this week.  The guy for H's job possibility is coming into town to take us out to dinner Wednesday to talk about the opportunity. He's already hinted he's offering H the job (which would be AWESOME!). I should hear about my job as well (interview was last Thursday).  We're leaving Friday for a weeklong fishing trip in Canada w/ H's family.  And to top it all off, my grandfather (who hasn't been doing so well and was given through August to live) is showing signs of kidney failure (which is the first thing to go when your body shuts down).

    Agh so much going on, I just want to curl up on the couch and stay there this week.
  • Haha Resa, Happy Monday is DEFINITELY an oxymoron!  I had to come in to work early today (7:15 am), but it's worth it to get off at 1pm on Friday.  I have a friend's bridal shower tonight after work, and I haven't had time to stop for a gift yet so I have to fit that in over my lunch hour.

    What's got you so nervous about the Mass?  Are you worried about things flowing overall, or a specific aspect? 
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    Good morning Resa,
    Happy Monday to you too. My weekend was incredible. We had a church retreat on Sat. & Sun. and it was amazing. I don't know if i feel nervous or anxious but i just wonder what everyone's reaction will be, will I cry, will he cry? i hope he doesn't pass out. yeah. I think it's only beacuse we have 68 days to go......
  • I am nervous for the Mass because I won't be able to relax and be myself and say hi to people.  Everyone will be staring at me, but I'm not able to say hi, you know?  That makes me incredibly nervous for some reason.  And then when I get nervous, I tend to get short of breath and sometimes faint, so I'm nervous about that.  I'm also nervous about the logistics of the train.  So yeah, that's why I'm nervous. 

    Chelsea-- good luck on both the job possibilities.  That would be awesome if you each got the job.  And since you're having some luck on the job front, say a prayer for my FI -- he's got some promising prospects, so we're just hoping something works out!


  • Haha, Resa, that is so cute.  =)  I would tell you not to be nervous, but it's a silly thing to say.  I was totally nervous!

    I am wasting a lot of time, but I think I'm finally ready to head out into the world.  I've got to go back to the body shop that did repairs on my car because I left my garage door opener in the rental.  Hopefully they went out and grabbed it after I called them.

    I ran into some hurdles in the whole "transfer my teaching certificate to Oklahoma" mess last week and I'm still really frustrated.  It's not anything that's hard, it's just that I was basically told to go about the whole thing backward, so there are forms that should have been (and I could have gotten) filled out months ago and now we're really down to the wire and it's just hugely inconvenient for me and my district.



  • Prof, that's so annoying.  I hate you when you trry to be proactive, yet still end up with last-minute stress because you were misinformed or whatnot.  So how's the new house, btw? 


  • It's great!  I'm in a decorating funk, though.  I can't figure out where to hang anything, or I decide I hate all our wall art, or I get scared of putting nails in the wall (which is silly since we own this place).



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    Lol I totally get that, though!  I've lived in my condo for almost 2 years now, and I STILL haven't hung a single thing on the walls except my bedroom mirror.  FI has started moving some of his stuff into my condo (some small furniture, baskets, clothes he won't be needing over the next couple weeks, etc).  Well, he's WAY more into decorating than I am, so now I come home from work, errands, whatever and there are all these little candles, pictures, etc., all around.  It's really funny to me.  I have a feeling that within a month of living together, my walls will be covered.


  • We're the exact opposite - FI lived in his condo for three years, and the only decorating he did was hang one picture, as well as buying these ninja statues.  Once I moved it, we actually got around to purchasing wall art and shelves :)
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