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Is a church wedding possible?

My Fiance and I were both raised fairly religious but neither of us go to church or belong to a parish. But our families both want us to get married in a church, is that even possible since we don't really go to church or anything?

Also, my fiance works out of town and is usually only in town for a week or two every month, and I know most (if not all) churches require premarital counseling does anyone have any idea's on how we work with this? Thanks! 

Re: Is a church wedding possible?

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    Your best bet is to go to your local church or the church your interested in getting married at and ask them any questions you may have. Many couples that do not regularly attend church have had church weddings but once you sign up to get married at a parish they most likely would recommend you attend that parish and attend mass. The Catholic church has many requirements (especially in Phx) that you must complete in order to have a ceremony in the church. There are various classes and sessions and also you must take the FOCCUS test.
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    You & your FI need to ask yourselves what you guys want. Although I respect the wishes of your parents, if that is not what you and your FI want, then you shouldn't get married in the Church just b/c of them.

    I would encourage you both to think about it and pray over it. If you feel like getting married in the Church is not something you want to do and agree with everything they believe marriage to be, then you need to reconsider your choice. Either way, I would definitely contact a priest as he will likely guide you and help you as you make your decision. Good luck.
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    Firstly, yes, you will be able to get married in the Church. A particular parish might ask you to start attending mass there, become members, etc., but there

    Second, you and your FI need to sit down, if you haven't already, and really talk about how you see religion in your future. Are you going to want to raise your kids in the Church? Have them baptised?

    Many many people get away from faith for a variety of reasons when they go off to college, move away, start their own lives. For many, getting married and starting a family make them realize the importance of going back. Are you/your fiance in these categories?

    Once you have a clearer picture of the role of the Church in your lives, you should have a clearer picture of what to do about the wedding. If you don't see the Church as playing a role in your future lives, the time to talk about this with your parents and make your intentions clear is now.

    If you do decide to get married in the Church, talk to your priest. Even with your fiance's travel schedule, you should be able to arrange classes and meetings for times when he is available to meet.

    Edit: I just noticed you are in "Phoenix." If you have any questions about Diocese of Phoenix marriage prep stuff, I'm happy to help/answer questions. This link might also be useful.
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