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The church!!!!!!

So today is the first time I've seen the church in person that we will be getting married in 21 days!!! I walked in the cathedral with the monsignor (sp?) after meeting him for the first time (also really liked him) and my jaw just dropped! He nugded me and said it looks even better with all the lights on and smiled!

I'm so excited i can finally picture myself walking down that aisle ... soooooooo excited!!!!!!

Being that I'm not catholic (thank you for all the help with all my random questions BTW) I didn't think I would have this reaction walking in.

Re: The church!!!!!!

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    Yes, Catholic churches are among the most beautiful. I especially love the traditional gothic style churches as opposed to the newer "in the round" style.

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. The ceremony was the most special highlight of our wedding for both of us.
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    Thanks!!! It is the beautiful old gothic style, I just fell in love, and got all weepy. My grandma, a luthren, used to visit old churches any place she visited, it just felt different looking around, I know she would have loved to see us getting married there.

    Don't get me wrong I've been looking forward to the ceremony part of the day a ton. its just when I pictured it I had a hard time picturing the aisle or alter or us walking back down the aisle. Just seeing it today all those images just started rushing into my head and I can picture it all I just has me that much more excited!
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    Themis- is your church in downtown Buffalo?  Ours was in Niagara Falls, but it was also an older church.  We have gorgeous pictures from it, and so many of our guests commented on how beautiful and personal our ceremony was.  H and I really didn't expect to love our ceremony as much as we did, but it was amazing.  I know that sounds weird since thats the actually wedding part, but all the focus goes on the reception so you lose thought of how beautiful the ceremony is.
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    Yup we're getting married in St. Joseph's cathedral right in the heart of downtown
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    I had that jaw dropping reaction to the church where we will be getting married as well. My fiance and I were just dating at the time he took me to the church he goes to. It's the most beautiful Catholic church I've ever seen. I'm so happy that he introduced me to it. I love everything about it. I've been going with him to mass every Sunday since.  

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