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Happy Friday!  How is everyone on this fine day?  What kinds of things do we want to talk about today? 

My little vent of the day is that I'm SOOO sick of political posts on FB.  There are some people whose posts don't bother me at all -- for instance, if they don't only post about politics, but one day have a political status, I'm not likely to be annoyed.  Or, if they just link political new articles, that doesn't bother me.  It's more the memes and super dramatic statements.  I saw a Catholic post "Catholic friends: lay off the crazy or I'll have to unfriend you" or something, and in the comments he specified that he was sick of the "crazy anti-abortion and anti-HHS posts."  I understand where he's coming from (and some people do come off as a little crazy!), but it offended me nonetheless.  Anyone else finding more and more that you pretty much want to block half your FB friends from your newsfeed?


Re: Friday!!

  • Oh my goodness yes!  I can't stand this time of year, with the election coming up.  I have pretty strong opinions and don't post anything on facebook so it makes me really mad when people post stuff like that, especially when it is outright mean and immature.  i.e.  "you must be stupid/ignorant/retarded/insert other insult here if you believe or don't believe..."  People are downright nasty and I don't like it!
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    I had a facebook friend that I met through Catholic Match when I was still dating. The guy was a little bit of a conspiracy theorist regarding politics. It was very irritating. Constant posts about people's beliefs do get annoying...even when I support what their saying, it can still feel really in-your-face.

    It's rainy here in NJ, and much cooler than it's been. Makes me want to take a nap and be lazy all day. Instead I'm at work slugging through different graphic and printing projects on my desk. Hoping for a little dinner date with my fiance tonight. He has work overnight  starting at 10:00pm (as an extra in a movie) and then again more work on Saturday. I probably wont get proper time with him until Sunday when we have a meeting with our priest and the music director to go over some wedding things.

    My fiance rents his apartment through his parents, and I found out we're getting brand new doors, floors, and it all painted before I move in. I'm super excited!

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  • I completely agree!  H and I are probably the most conservative in our group of friends, but for the most part, we get along EXTREMELY well with our friends.  I have actually removed a few people from my feed, though, because I got so tired of seeing just outright LIES about catholicism, religion, and conservatism in general.  Lately a guy who I always thought I could have thoughtful conversations with has been posting such hateful things.  I'm tempted to say something to him, but he actually called my husband "full of sh*t" the other day for stating his beliefs.  It's so sad how people can be so divisive.

    I'm catching up on Project Runway, and so far I am obsessed.



  • I hear you all about the FB posts. I'm over all the political stuff and the hate-mongering from both sides. I'm most saddened by my "Catholic" friends who fill my newsfeed with comments that do not reflect Church teachings. I also have a FB friend (from HS) who shares at least 20 pro-Catholic and pro-life photos/memes each day, all in rapid succession. Some of them are really cool, but often, even though I agree with his positions, I find my eyes glazing over them -- there would probably be much more evangalical effect in brevity (share one or two, not each one you find and like during your lunch break or whatever). I can't imagine how it would come across to someone who disagrees with his position.

    I am also really, really saddened by the shooting in Colorado this morning. I was nursing the baby and watching the news just in shock at the scariness of the world. It makes me so sad and scared and turns me into a mama bear who just wants to protect my kids from the world, and knowing that my job is way bigger and harder than that -- to give them the faith and the tools to cope with such a world. The whole thing is mind-boggling to me this morning.

    On a lighter note, Prof (and anyone else who enjoys it), I've only had a chance to watch the PR pre-show (where they introduced the new designers), and I'm totally stoked. I can't wait for the season -- I'll watch the real episode later today. I'm sure I will have thoughts on it then. :)
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  • Are they just starting a new season of PR?  The last season I watched was the one with that girl....what was her name...Kenley.  I couldn't stand her, so I just stopped watching.  I don't even know who won -- did she?  Anyways, then when the next season came on, I had stopped getting cable.  I got cable again but haven't watched PR since! 


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    Aaaah I couldn't stand Kenley!  So annoying!  And yes, new season started yesterday.  So far I like everyone, even the crazies.  There are some people that are not really that interesting, but I'm happy to see how everyone does.

    ETA: Bibli, I totally agree with you.  And now stories about who the victims were are coming out and it's just tragic.  One girl who died apparently was at the Toronto mall where there was a shooting and even blogged about how close she came to that disaster.  Just sad.  And there were kids there?  I mean, I don't want to judge the people who were victimized, but what were you doing bringing a six-year-old (and I heard there was a three-month-old, too) to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight?  It's MIDNIGHT and that movie is NOT for kids!



  • I don't necessarily judge people for bringing kids there, since it's summer and Batman is definitely a father/son thing from what I see.   Personally, I dont' think the Batman movies are all that kid-friendly, but I also hate them so maybe that's it lol?


  • I hear you all on the FB posts - I haven't actually removed anyone lately, but there are quite a few people that I'm frankly sick of seeing their constant posts.  Nothing frustrates me more than having my entire newsfeed filled with people having a political/religious "debate," which always just turns into slinging insults. 

    I'm really excited for the new Project Runway!  I'll have to see if I can sneak that into the DVR list, hopefully it won't conflict with other recordings.  FI is probably getting sick of all my girl shows/guilty pleasures that I record (Dance Moms, Drop Dead Diva), so I hope he'll let one more slide.  He still has the NDSU final playoff and championship game recordings on there, and will probably NEVER delete them, so I think it's fair :)

    It was horrible to hear about the Colorado movie theater shooting.  I too was surprised to hear that kids were there!  The 3 month old I can maybe see, perhaps the baby is a good sleeper and they were confident he/she would sleep through it?  But young kids like the 6 year old should NOT be seeing movies like that!
  • In Response to Re: Friday!!:
    I don't necessarily judge people for bringing kids there, since it's summer and Batman is definitely a father/son thing from what I see.   Personally, I dont' think the Batman movies are all that kid-friendly, but I also hate them so maybe that's it lol?
    Posted by Resa77
    I mean, every time I'm at a late showing of a movie and someone comes in with a kid in tow, I think, "You couldn't have waited for Sunday afternoon?"

    But it's been rehashed just about everywhere.  A friend of mine posted a link to a list of all the ridiculous conclusions people in the media are already leaping to (someone blamed the "attack on Judeo-Christianity," another blamed video games [of course], and another blamed the Tea Party).  I guess that kind of made me rethink my position on the whole thing.  I'm still annoyed that people brought their kids, but that's not really the point.



  • Yeah, it really isn't the point whether people brought kids.  The whole thing is really sad, and it makes me really scared to think what this country is coming to.  It really reminds me of the VA Tech shootings...I had a lot of friends there, and it was really scary not knowing if they were okay.  It also made me feel really unsafe on campus, even though my school was like 4 hours away.


  • Oh goodness, earlier I checked here and all our threads were gone.  I was super sad.



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    Yeah political posts can get a little much on fb.  I generally ignore it but sometimes it gets overwhelming.  Actually, I spoke with someone who believed that Catholics drink goat blood regularly.  Honestly believed it.  Prejudice is scary.

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