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unity candle

We weren't going to do a unity candle, but someone gave us a beautiful one at my shower and I am sure she will be looking for it.  I know that orignally this wasn't a part of the mass.  Where does it fit into the entire ceremony with a full mass.  I am assuming it is right after the nuptial vows??  I need to place it into the program.  TIA
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Re: unity candle

  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    you shoudl first check wtih the priest to see if he will allow it.  some do, some dont.

    i would think it would come after the vows.
  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    I'd probably put it on a table at the cocktail hour or reception. If this is not something you're interested in doing, I wouldn't force it into your ceremony. Especially because it's not really part of the ceremony to begin with. I think as long as you put it somewhere, your friend should not feel slighted.
  • Kaye SmithKaye Smith member
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    The unity candle has been common in many of the weddngs I have been to (Filipino/Catholic weddings).  It  comes after the blessing of the rings.  Like pp said, check with your priest to make sure they allow it.   
  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
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    If you really don't care for the Unity candle, you could tell this guest that it is just a lovely candle but the Priest said they do not allow Unity candles in the Catholic Mass. Many priests don't allow them.  Then you could use it as a nice decor for the guest book table or something.  
  • mswood1977mswood1977 member
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    Make sure it is ok with your priest, unity candles are not allowed at all in any parish of our diocese and many others have similar rules not allowing unity candles.
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    Ditto pp. Make sure you check with your priest or deacon first. We were not allowed to have a unity candle either. It is not considered part of the Catholic wedding ceremony therefore they are not typically allowed.
  • mlhw NHmlhw NH member
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    The sister at our church brought up the unity candle in front of the priest and he didn't object to it.  So I am not worried about it not being allowed.  She even mentioned that they have a stand we can use for it, so we didn't need to buy one.

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  • dibsontopdibsontop member
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    I was also given it as a gift.  I asked our priest about it on Saturday and he joked that he's gotten lax in his old age and doesn't mind couples wanting to use it.  He said it will follow the blessing of the rings.

    But definitely check with your priest on this.

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    We didn't want one- but it was one of two things in this entire process that my mom did want... so we caved!   The mothers lit the tapers as they were seated, and they actually lit the unity candle then, too.  We were supposed to do it after the vows-  but our moms jumped the gun! 
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