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Anyone familiar with this caterer? 

Re: SEI Catering - Lititz PA

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    What do you want to know?

    Prices are reasonable. Their "home-cooking" style food is absolutely FAB! 

    HOWEVER, They do absolutely no decorating on the buffet tables...and I am one that likes to see a buffet table with a nice looking presentation. 

    Also, at the last wedding I attended, both the beverages and the hors d'oeuvres (veggie trays, etc) were all on the same table, which created a HUGE waiting line.  I guess you are gonna have lines no matter what, I just thought the two should have been separated. They also ran out of coffee before the cake was even served. 

    One thing I did like about them - they are very nice and willing to work with whatever you want for your menu.  For my daughter's wedding we wanted to provide our own corn and some other things, and they were gracious and worked with us.

    And did I mention how good their food was!?  :)
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    bridalgal50 just sent you a pm.
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    My friend used them for her wedding.  I remember the service being good, but the food being just ok.  It seemed pretty standard to me. 
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