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I have been charting using the sympto-thermal method for about 4 months now- I think I am on chart number 5 currently and I am getting married in a couple of months. At first, everything seemed really normal and consistent, but now my temperatures seem all over the place and I am getting really confused about what is going on.
My first few cycles always followed the same temp pattern- I would be in the upper 97 range for most of phase 1, then go lower when phase 2 was beginning, then dip really low (below 97) before ovulation and start coming up again slightly. Then, around days 17-19, I had a very clear thermal shift and my HTL was always quite a bit higher than my LTL, so I could clearly tell when phase 3 began. My mucus patterns were perfectly in line with all of this.
All of a sudden, for the past two cycles, my temperature barely drops during phase 2, so it is in the mid 97 range and then the "thermal shift" might be .2 or .3 degrees higher. I can still tell, based on my mucus, where I should be cycle wise, but I am really confused. Has this happened to anyone else, and do you have any ideas why my thermal shift seems to be non-existent now?
Thank you!
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Re: STM Question

  • MedStudent13MedStudent13
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    Maybe it's time to change the batteries on your thermometer? That was my first thought since you said that your mucus patterns have remained consistent. You could try checking your cervical position every day, since it can be as clear an indicator of ovulation as temperature and doesn't require any technology :-)
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  • Riss91Riss91
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    How is the temperature in the room you are sleeping in? I know in the summer months I sometimes see a difference in my temperatures because our room is hotter (without AC on) or freezing (too much AC).
  • It could also be that stress from your upcoming wedding is messing with your sleep patterns.  If your sleep is inconsistent, your temperatures will be affected.

    It's good that your mucus is consistent, and you should be able to predict fertile/nonfertile days just based on that.



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