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How to be a better wife to be - BUMP

Just wanted to start a new thread to bump this back into visibility...

On the old thread, someone asked me if my fiance also was interested in becoming a better husband-to-be.

Absolutely...right now, I'm reading "For Better Forever," and he has the "Exceptional Seven Percent." It's interesting, because we had taken the quizzes in Dr. Chapman's Love Languages book, and it showed that physical touch was both our primary love languages - in fact, our scores were almost identical. But in Dr. Popcak's book, he still came out very strong on the kinesthetic scale - virtually every statement described him to a tee - whereas virtually every statement on the auditory scale described me! We don't know if this has something to do with when we took the Love Languages quiz - it likely was in that "honeymood" period when the physical (touching, hugging, kissing) aspect was very strong for both us, but once we moved into more subtle forms of intimacy - especially as we began having our first arguments - the differences became more clear. I know he is very touch-oriented, so I've tried to do things like give him back rubs and touch his hand more often, and I've noticed he's increased the compliments he gives me. We already say "I love you" many times a day, so that's always been a central part of our relaitonship.

At any rate, I love the concept in the Popcak book that our key role in the relationship is to help each other become the person God wants us to be. That really resonates for me.

If anyone else is preparing for a second marriage, as I am, I also got the audiobook "The Heart of Remarriage," by Gary Smalley. I haven't finished it yet, but WOW. It is really speaking to me, and is very healing.

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Re: How to be a better wife to be - BUMP

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    I've just started reading "For Better, Forever" Its part of our marriage prep (if our schedules ever matched up with our priest's, that is...) Glad to hear you like it!
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