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Invitation wording

I know it's been asked a hundred times, but now it's my turn....Is the following wording okay, I just don't want to send something out that is somehow theologically incorrect!

request the honor of your presence

at the Nuptial Mass celebrating the union of




in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

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Re: Invitation wording

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    I think it's correct...but I would check with your Deacon or Priest just to make sure. 


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    i think this works.  the biggest mistake most people make is inviting people to the "nuptial mass uniting them in marriage".  the mass does not unite you, but rather is celebrated in your honor.

    for reference, i used:

    Bride and Groom request the honor of your presence at their marriage in the sacrament of holy matrimony and the celebration of the nuptial mass

    but i think your wording works too.
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    I'm currently trying to figure out the wording of my invitation and I borrowed what my cousin used, but now after reading this I'm not sure it's correct.

    We're doing Bride's Parents & Groom's Parents request the honor of your presence at the Nuptial Mass in which Bride & Groom will be united in the Sacrament of Holy matrimony.

    Is this correct?! I'm so glad I decided to expand and look outside my month board today!
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