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Processional--music and walking order (long-ish)

Hi ladies, I wanted to see what your thoughts/opinions were...

Trying to work out our processional.  We have a lot of time yet, but I have a feeling this one might take some discussion!

FI and I are both Catholic from birth, but I'm American and have never been to a wedding where the processional had something other than the bride escorted by her father, until I went to a wedding with FI's family.  FI is from India (Goa), and in their family weddings, both the bride and groom are escorted in by both parents, and both GM and BM walk in.  I like this idea better, as I don't like the 'giving away' concept, so we want to do some variation on FI's family tradition.

We're trying to work out the walking order.  I don't like the 'giving away', but I would like to have the moment of FI standing in the front of the church and getting his first look as I am walking downt the aisle.  I was thinking possibly this:

--The alter server (my younger brother) and the priest would either come in from the side or process first.
--FI escorted by both his parents
--BM and GM in pairs
--Me escorted by both my parents.

Any ideas on what we could do for the music?  Our organist is not being particularly helpful in the returning phone calls department.  When I spoke to her (very briefly) she said the traditional is BM walking in to Canon in D and the bride to Trumpet Voluntary.  If we went with this walking order including FI, would we use three different pieces of music? (one for FI, one for attendants, and one for me?)  Any ideas for music for FI to walk in to?  Would this processional order be odd?

What do you ladies think?
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Re: Processional--music and walking order (long-ish)

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    You can use different pieces for the bride walking down the aisle and your attendant's, we did this.

    Here is what we did (some may or may not apply to you):

    Mother's entrance: Flower Duet from Lakme
    Attendant's entrance: Rondeau by Mouret
    Bridal processional: Canon in D by Pachelbel; Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach
    Recessional: Allegro Maestoso by Handel

    We were not allowed to use the Wedding March bc it is considered secular. If you are not familiar with these songs, you could always google them and find clips. I think you will really like them. We had a hard time picking out music as well, but thankfully our music director/organist was really patient and played a lot of different pieces for us. Good luck!

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    We are doing:
    La Grace, by Telleman for the seating of the mothers
    Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring for the attendants' processional
    Trumpet Voluntary for bridal processional

    We are using Rondeau by Mouret for our recessional.  As PP mentioned, it can also be used as a processional song.
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    Sounds like your processional is like mine! FI and I both walk with our parents to a certain spot and then walk the rest of the way together to the altar.

    I'm having a hard time completely loving this for some reason tho! Our church is round too so we walk around the whole church and then down the aisle in front of where the guests are sitting. It's so different but sounds nice too....

    As for music, I haven't thought about that yet....sorry your organist isn't calling back! 
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