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Found a great wedding day gift for fiance!

In my search for a rosary made of rose petals, I found a site that also makes cuff links and tie tacks:

Good thing I saved all those roses for "no reason"

So excited! 

Re: Found a great wedding day gift for fiance!

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    Thats a neat idea! Too bad my fiance never really gave me flowers. :P

    I'm going to design a nice card and print a Groom's prayer that I found years ago in my Queen of the Apostles prayer book. I thought it was so beautiful, and I knew instantly that I wanted someone who would say those kind of words to God before marrying me...It's a very humble, ernest and sincere prayer.

    and God did send me that kind of man. :)
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  • That is a great idea jen!! I'll definitely be saving flowers in the future going forward... 

    And Christinamarie, what a great idea and a sweet story :):) 

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    pinterest, obvi.

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